Thursday, 9 November 2017


Hello friends

The gremlins visited yesterday and decided to take
up residence on the Hump Day Giveaway post on
the Creativity Continues blog! Tsk!

Apologies to those of you who had problems leaving a comment.

To give you plenty of opportunity to win this week's giveaway, 
a pre-loved set of Presents,
feel free to comment on today's post.

The lady who designed this Presents die set is Sharyn Stowell
and she creates all her dies from hand paper cutting,
seriously talented!

She has designed some gorgeous festive silhouette dies,
you can find them on the website here.
My favourites are Snow Ball
Yana from Spellbinders has made this wonderful shaded card using

Feel free to check out more of Sharyn's designs on the website here.

Take care friends and apologies again for the gremlins.
Please stop by tomorrow - Friday Die Day.


hazel young said...

Love all her designs. Fabulous card, brilliant shading xx hazel

Kim @ Him, Him Me said...

Love this ladies designs - very retro. They remind me of Enid Blyton books for some reason! Saw them all on the TV and really had to resist buying them.

Bejay Roles said...

Morning, Christine,
Thanks for giving us a second chance to comment on the hump day giveaway. I have to say that I love your gremlins though lol.
This die is just so delightful with memories of days gone it!
Bejay xx

christi said...

I can't spell but the german paper cutting (schippersnell) has always intrigued me. I didn't know that was how she designed her dies. they are adorable as is the card.

Ann-Marie said...

Thank you for the opportunity of winning this beautiful die. I wouldn't struggle to design a card or home decor with this, its inspirational. Have just recently been made aware of this lady's work and want them all. Sigh!

Laura O' Connor said...

Great dies Christine and fantastic card too. Laura O

Jackie Durrant said...

These are great die sets that she has designed. Best wishes Jackie x

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