Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Winner and Spiders!

Hello friends

Today announcing the winner of September's Charity Kit!
Rush and check your tickets - the winning number is ....

If you are the lucky winner - congratulations! 
Please drop me an email - hope-chances@live.co.uk
A parcel of goodies will be sent out including dies, stamps, adhesive and more!
There are still some September kits left just in case you would like to purchase,
details are here :)

Kitty asked yesterday whether the cabin might be a haven for spiders...
well I'm pretty sure it is going to be spider free, all the windows and the door are double glazed,
 but just in case one or more decide to join me I truly do not mind, 
I'm not at all scared of spiders.
If it were frogs...you wouldn't see me for dust!

In the midst of organising, sorting, packing and general manic(ness!) there are
some things that just cannot be ignored - Bella walking!
Yesterday morning the weather was lovely, in the woods the sun was shining 
through the branches creating a dappled effect, 
the paths are strewn with colourful leaves and conkers and,
Bella will testify to this - we espied 6 squirrels!
Bella-walking puts me in a happy mood and she's always delighted too!

Take care friends, I will be back soon...
(once I emerge from packing boxes!)


Kitty Davies said...

Hi Christine and lovely family.
I am so glad the spiders cannot get in.lol. I just do not like them they always pop out when you least expect them no warning thats the problem, I can catch them and put them out. Frogs don't come in. lol Have lots of fun and take care. Kitty.

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. I am glad that you got to enjoy the lovely weather yesterday with Bella : )
Congratulations to the Sept. Charity Kit winner : )
I hope you manage to get a few more boxes sorted today. Take care.

Stamping Bubbles said...

Good morning Christine
What lovely weather you had yesterday - not a bit like we experienced yesterday.
Congratulations to the September winner.
Good luck with your packing boxes, I am off to face the Ofsted inspectors! Been up for hours!
Enjoy your day

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
Congratulations to the Charity Kit Winner. Walking my dog is one of my favourite things too, especially in this beautiful weather we have had over the last couple of days. Happy packing.
Chris xxx

Bea said...

hi Christine
how lovely that your move in to the cabin is getting closer. Congrats to the winner

LindaB said...

A little tip I was given bearing in mind of the spiders, place a conker (I know sounds daft but try it)in corners of your cabin.
You will be spider free.
Loving your cabin
Linda B

PharmacyMichele said...

I also put conkers on tbe windowsill to deter spiders-seems to work! Glad you had good weather yesterday, the winds have hit us now-its horrendous here by the coast. Almost glad to be going to work.


nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
Congrats to the lucky winner ,
Glad you got to have a walk with it being such a lovely day,
Where i live we are over run with squirrels the cheeky mites come and eat the vegetables and the birds food ,we chase them away ,go back in doors and they are back where you left them nibbling away again .{ they are a pest to be honest }
Im off out for dinner today with two friends ,i just hope it does not get too windy .

Take Care

val jones said...

Love Val in Spain xMorning Christine. Spiders don't bother me either but snakes-well you wouldn't see me for dust.
You are so lucky having such a lovely place to take Bella for a walk. I'm sure you enjoy it as much as she does.
Congrats to Number

marg said...

Hello Christine
The walk looks lovely and good for Bella too!
Next door has a huge English walnut tree, now I get squirrels planting nut in my pots, and garden.In the Spring I get saplings everywhere! they are so big and strong I have to pull them up straight away before they take hold.
Good news about Spiders !!!!
Take care Christine
Love Marg

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, Glad you and Bella enjoyed your walk the weather was good, Have to take your chances to walk her as I think the weather is turning for the worst. I hate the bad weather. love Jean Z xx

Jane Willis said...

I must be very rare in not minding spiders! But I'd much rather have spiders than flies, and without spiders ypu get a lot more flies.

I think I'm one number away from the winning ticket, but I'm away from home at the moment and can't check, so for therest of the week I'll be wondering if I've misremembered and looking forward to checking when I get home

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Congratulations to the winner.
Great photo today,the woods look lovely.
Take care. x.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
I don't mind spiders but a snake that's a different thing, just don't like the way they slither.
Bet it was lovely walking Bella in such lovely weather yesterday, going to be bad today, the wind is already picking up.
Hope the moving of packing cases is going okay.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Congratulations to the lucky Winner, enjoy your goodies.
The piccie of Bella's walk is really beautiful, very surreal and magical, I love it.
I don't mind spiders at all, and where I live (by a Moss) they grow very, very big !!! my Lizzie (kitty) is always curious if they emerge from underneath furniture, I always shooo them back haha.
Enjoy your day.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

ros hodgkins said...

Hello Christine, glad to see you are having to have nature breaks with Bella, it really helps to balance the days, and get some sunshine as we are going to see less of them when the clocks change at the weekend.
X Ros

ros hodgkins said...

Hello Christine, glad to see you are having to have nature breaks with Bella, it really helps to balance the days, and get some sunshine as we are going to see less of them when the clocks change at the weekend.
X Ros

hazel young said...

Lovely cards and congrats tot he winner. I received my prize yesterday Christine thank you xx hazel

Janice said...

Hi Christine
Congrats to the lucky winner! Pleased to hear your cabin is coming along. Lovely photo!
Janice x

SusanP, Kent said...

I'm not a fan of any creepy-crawly, but as long as I have my trusty jam jar and piece of card I'll survive! Looks like a lovely walk in the woods and still very green. Just noticed that we now have to prove we're not robots before commenting.

Carole Z said...

Congrats to the winner! I said yesterday I don't get many visits form spiders in my little cabin, which is fortunate as I really don't like them, but lol, I love frogs and I have actually had a toad on the porch once or twice recently: it likes to hide under a plant pot there! Hugs Carole Zxx

LoraineC said...

What a lovely Autumn photo I hope it hasn't been too spoilt by the strong winds today!!!! Congrats to the winner x

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine
I'm glad that you enjoyed the sunshine with Bella, and congratulations to the Sept ChRity winner. Yuck spiders, no thank you. I hope you emerge out the other end of your boxes.

Elaine said...

Congrats to the winner. I hate spiders but think my husband is more afraid of them than me lol

val jones said...

congratulations to the winner

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