Thursday, 9 October 2014

My Thrilling News!!

Hello friends

My exciting news....
I am thrilled to be a Spellbinders® International Ambassador!

The news has just been announced on the Spellbinders website here
so please pop over to read all the details and if you would like to leave a
comment too, that would be wonderful.
I've been a Design Team member for over 3 years and, as you know,
I have a passion for Spellbinders and huge respect for such a wonderful company,
it is an amazing opportunity and I'm pinching myself.

My new role will be very different and it will entail tutoring and travelling
(I finally hope to meet so many of my blog follower friends across the country).
This is one of the reasons behind my decision to close the shop and 
work, create and run the website from my woodland cabin.  

My first event is a retailer event in  Coventry at the beginning of November
for CHA UK so I've hit the ground running.
All you retailer friends I know, I will be reaching out to you with details.

Sending out lots of thanks to all of you who have followed me this far,
please continue - my blog follower friends are the best.

Craft is taking me on an amazing journey, who would have known it!

Much love.


Janice said...

Fantastic news Christine! Big congratulations to you, so we'll deserved, and I'm so pleased for you!
What a great opportunity for you, I'm sure you will so enjoy the travelling/tutoring part of the role too!
Enjoy this wonderful new chapter, and we'll be following you all the way 👍
Janice x

Valerie said...

Christine, what wonderful news. To be able to travel, create, teach and meet so many like minded people, is almost a dream come true. A well deserved recognition for your years of hard work with Spellbinders. With your lovely supportive family, they will make sure that you are able to spread your wings and fly, all around the globe, if need be. Congratulations and love, Valerie xx

marg said...

Hello Christine
You deserve something for you! it has been such an emotional year one way or another.... now its on the up!
Good luck with this new venture Christine!
Take care
Love Marg

nattyboots said...

WOW !!!!!!!
I have Goose Bumps reading your Fabulous News Christine , Talk about " Hope & Chances " you certainly picked the right heading , and what a fantastic journey you are going to have, i do hope you get to my neck of the woods as i would love to meet you and your fab talent .

Well done girl you deserve it and i will add Spellbinders are lucky to have you .

Take Care
Elaine H X

utilitygirl said...

Congratulations Christine - wonderful news - but no more than you deserve after all your problems x

Sally said...

Hi Christine,
Congratulations, and well deserved. As you say, you will be able to meet many of your blog followers.
I'm glad to see that Spellbinders recognise how hard you work at promoting their products and how lucky they are to have a dedicated team member.

I am so happy for you. Take care
Sally x

Anonymous said...

Well done. Delighted for you. Enjoy your creative journey. Glad to know your blog will continue.
Phil D

Toni said...

Great news Christine, a perfect job just for you. I wish you all the very best as you start this new journey in your life. Well done and very well deserved.
Toni xx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Congratulations. You really deserve this new roll .
I am really pleased your blog will be there to let us know what you are doing,I hope you will be back on create and craft soon,you have been away far to long.
Well done. Take care. x.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, brilliant news and exciting times ahead.

Take care


Jane Willis said...

Congratulations - and so very, very well deserved. The wonderful things you do with Spellbinders and a real inspiration and have certainly helped me to raise my crafting game (even if you do cost me a fortune LOL) and it's wonderful that even more people will have the opportunity to benefit from your talents.

Maggie J said...

Great news Christine, they have certainly chosen the right person for the job. I hope that you come into the York area as part of your travelling/tutoring role, it would be lovely to see you again and I know I would be able to learn a lot from you.
Love Maggie J x

Sandra said...

Oh Christine,
Hugest, biggest Congratulations, heat an amazing opportunity, I am so pleased for you.
Will this involve TV shows too?
I do hope so!
This couldn't have happened to a nicer, more deserving person.
Huge hugs
Sandra xxxx

Diane said...

Congratulations Christine, well done you!

Marielle said...

Congratulations dear Christine ,I'm so happy for you !!! xo

Linda said...

Hi Christine, so glad my guess about your news has proved to be correct. They could not have chosen a better representative for their product. It will be so exciting for you to travel and meet new and old friends, I look forward to your visiting the far north were I live.
Enjoy your trip to the lakes, a very beautiful part of this great country of ours
Love and hugs
Linda in sunny south shields

Elaine said...

I knew it ! Yay well done Christine . Coventry is near me - shame its retailers. Massive congratulations x

Janice said...

Wonderful news Christine, congratulations. Janice xx

Chris said...

WooHoo Congratulations Christine, I had a sneaky feeling your great news would have something to do with Spellbinders. I'm so pleased for you and as everybody else has indicated it's very well deserved, you will fill the role brilliantly. Hope you are getting the Champers and Chocolates out tonight. Look forward to you visiting Norfolk.
Chris xx

Cinderella said...

Wow that`s awsome congratulations and good luck with your new fabulous job

LoraineC said...

Fantastic news, many many congratulations, you totally deserve this. Good luck with your new venture x

Craftychris said...

Congratulations, that's so cool! What a great opportunity , you truly deserve it! xxx

Di said...

I had a sneaky suspicion too :) Well done Christine and richly deserved!

Hugs, Di xx

Anne O said...

Hello Christine, what great news! This is just the perfect role for you. Congratulations! Anne O

SusanP, Kent said...

Wow, that's brilliant news Christine! You must be very highly thought of at Spellbinders.
No wonder you had such a difficult decision to make - you deserve every minute of the success. I wish you all the best and hope one day to meet you at an event. No doubt you'll enjoy the travelling aspect and I hope you'll still be able to blog all the latest. We will be uniquely privileged and you'll probably get many more followers. Not too shabby for a Kentish Girl!!

Carolyn Bell said...

That is brilliant news, I am so so pleased for you, well done. Perhaps your role will bring you to North Wales some day, just off to leave a message on the Spellbinders website! Love Carolyn xx

Carolyn H said...

CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTINE, wishing you all the very best in your new position at Spellbinders.
Carolyn xx

Stamping Bubbles said...

Hi Christine
Wow what fantastic news. I hope you are going to be coming up to the North West. It would be lovely to meet you in person.
I understand completely now why you had to make the difficult decision to close your beautiful shop. What an opportunity.
Does it mean you will also be popping up on our TV screens once again? I have missed your demos.
Take care

Jacquie said...

WOW! BIG CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTINE! Fabulous news, well done, you go gal! I hope you thoroughly enjoy it all. I will look forward to reading all about your travels etc.

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

Gloria Stengel said...

Congratulations. They could not have picked a better ambassador! I am so very happy for you! I am sad about your little shop, but happy for this new adventure! Hugs!

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine
Huge congratulations on your great news, it's so well deserved. I hope to hear more about your fBulous journey.

Kim Morgan said...

Great news Christine, I'm really pleased for you. You deserve it. I hope you have lots of fun in your new role, I can't believe you won't.
Have a nice break in the Lake District, let's hope you won't have to use your brollie too much.

Love Kim x Brody the Labradoodle's, Mum ( he was 2 yesterday, how time flys)

CraftyJo said...

Congratulations :) I had just read the post at Spellbinders and it makes it clear why you couldn't continue with your shop as well as everything else, Good Luck and I'm positive you'll enjoy it all.

alex said...

So very pleased for you Christine, you deserve it all, so looking forward to hearing more on your blog posts
Much love to you and your lovely family (furry members included)
Alex xx

Wendy L said...

Wow, well done, very exciting for you, xxxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, Fabulous news, I'm really pleased for you.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Joanna Dickson said...

Brilliant news. You deserve it xx

Tonya said...

Congratualtions Christine!!!!!

Teresa said...

Congratulations Christine!! I am so happy for you and i wish that i could visit there and go to the shows in England with you... Must add that to my wish list i guess :)

Sandra Biggs said...

Hi Christine
Just seen the news as my computer was down yesterday. Congratulations.
This job sounds so exciting. Travelling, crafting and meeting new people sounds like an amazing job.
All the best.

Mrs B said...

CONGRATULATIONS : )) Take care x

Carole Z said...

This is fabulous news Christine and so well deserved! Congratulations and look forward to seeing you maybe in Bristol next year...we missed a joint Gromit hike, how about Shaun the Sheep?!! Hugs Carole Z X

hazel young said...

Fantastic news Christine, well done looking forward to seeing what you get up to xx hazel

AnneRD said...

Many congratulations Christine, so well deserved. Ii do hope your travels bring you down to Wales, where we will give you the warmest of welcomes. Your family must be so proud of you, Anne x

jacqui said...

Congratulations!!! How wonderful for you.........looking forward to seeing you in preston in the near future 😊

Cinders61 said...

So delighted for you Christine. Such a fantastic opportunity for travel and to share your expertise with others. You so deserve this. Gillian x

Linby said...

wow! how amazing, very well done, and well deserved.

Linby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cazann49 said...

Fantastic news Christine!! Well done. You deserve it. I'm so pleased for you. You are such a great demonstrator an tutor, you will be fantastic in your new role!! Love to you and the boys xxx

Ann said...

Hi Christine

Fabulous news you so deserve this wonderful opportunity you are so talented and such a generous person sharing your wonderful projects.

We will follow you on the blog and enjoy with you all the excitement Bless you.

Much love Annxx

sorry this is a bit late had problems with computer.

ros hodgkins said...

Hello Christine, what a lovely surprise , I had guessed it was to do with Spellbinders and I couldn't be happier for you. The shop is such a commitment and your boys are growing up, so I am sure you will enjoy getting out and about for the company you are so loyal too.
X and best wishes Ros

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Christine
I usually look but haven't commented before (though you have kindly helped me by email with my oily GC. . . still is sadly) but just wanted to congratulate you. A fantastic acheivement and an exciting opportunity. Enjoy your success!
Best wishes
Ang x

PS. . . . You'll be demoing 5 minutes from me for CHA so its a pity its a trade event.

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