Saturday, 16 August 2014

Door, Holly and Germany!

Hello friends

If you are on Facebook you will have seen some of our travel photos so far.
Firstly huge thanks to Easy Jet who made our flight amazing,
allowing Elliott access to the flight deck, making a special announcement
and presenting him with gifts - a fantastic start to our trip.

We arrived safely in Germany and today we found our way to Gamescom,
for those of you without geeky sons, it a huge computer gaming convention.
Huge doesn't really cover it, imagine using every exhibition hall of the 
Birmingham NEC!  We walked about 5 halls today and there is 11 in total!
Think of my feet tomorrow!
Elliott (and Mitchell who has expertly mastered the Germany trams) are having 
the time of their life, liken it to us crafters having 11 exhibition halls of stash to explore.
I am managing to find some fun things too...!
And there is something crafty for you today -
I recently mentioned a Christmas card idea using Edwardian Door and Holly Wreath
(both available on the website).  
It was then mentioned to me that perhaps the sizing may not work,
well I like a challenge ...
This is the die cuts and yes the holly wreath does look quite large.
But chopped in half it makes a wonderful garland!
The bow included with the Holly Wreath also makes a lovely finishing touch.
Take care friends and I hope to be back soon, when wi-fi permits.


Janice said...

It looks like you are all having fun. Enjoy yourselves. Janice x

Ann said...

Hi Christine

Delighted to hear that Elliott was given the 5 star treatment on the flight out. So pleased to read your all enjoying yourselves the boys must be besides themselves like us let loose at the CHA in America I imagine keep on enjoying your trip look forward to more pics.

Love the idea for the Edwardian door and the wreath cut into a garland looks lovely.

lUv n hugs to all Annxxx

nattyboots said...

You are just one amazing crafter, well done Christine on the Garland, it looks fab on the door,

Keep enjoying yourselves boys ! and keep up with Mum ,no time for sleepy afternoons .xx

marg said...

Hello Christine
You all look so happy, enjoy!
I have the Dies and realised the sizes... but your take on it is so much nicer..thanks for the tip!
Take Care
Love Marg

Laura O said...

like the way you made the wreath work ,clever you,Looks like Elliott is having fun hope you have a ball .Laura O

Bea said...

hi Christine
great idea re wreath and door - certainly looks like you are both having fun

Jacquie said...

Hi Christine,

Glad you are all having a wonderful time, I would have loved to have gone into the captains cabin, only to look mind lol!

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
I am really pleased you are all having a wonderful time,the photo's are great.
I love what you have done with the card today changing the wreath to a garland, clever you.
Take care. x.

hazel young said...

Lovely photos and love the swag and door idea xx hazel

Janice said...

Great photos Christine, so pleased you're all having a great time!
Really like the way you have used the dies together, well done on succeeding with the challenge!
Have lots more fun in Germany
Janice x

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Thanks for the lovely pics of Elliott and you, glad to hear that the boys are having a ball, and that you are managing to keep your spirits up: ) You certainly rose to the wreath/door challenge, the garland is great. Thanks for that one, it will come in very hand. Have lots more fun in Germany all of you. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Wow thats huge. Hope you have comfy shoes! Hope the rest of the trip is just as good, JuliaT x ps like the door aswell.

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, Have a wonderful time, love the door very clever. love Jean Z xxx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Nice to hear that Elliot was treated so well on your flight. Sounds like they are having a ball.
Good job on the door and wreath.

Carole Z said...

Loving your photos Christine, so pleased you are all being spoilt and having a good time...I think we can safely say Gamescon beats the trip to Bristol, Elliott nearly had instead last year! Love the door and swag, hugs Carole Z X

PharmacyMichele said...

Lovely to hear you are all enjoying the trip. The wreath looks great as a garland on the door, perfect for christmas!


Sue Yorkshire said...

HI Christine
Looks as though you are all having a fabulous time, maybe time to book a pedicure for your poor feet

Love the garland on the door, you are clever

Sue xxx

Wendy L said...

Looks like a great time had by all, xxxx

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine
I'm glad that you are all having a lovely time, and that you are having some fun time to. You deserve it. Love how you have cut down the wreath to made a garland for the door. This is a lovely idea. We can always rely on you to make your dies go further.

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, sounds like a wonderful time is being had, fabulous photos, thank you for sharing. Emma

Anonymous said...

great news, pics and craft ideas enjoy

Lacelady said...

Awe, you do look happy, and how nice of the crew toe let Elliott up in front. I hope that drink eased your feet a bit, I certainly couldn't walk that far. Spellies can be a bit misleading about relative sies, lots of sellers on ebay don't quote them so I do look on the website, but it's still easy to get caught out. Well done on your challenge though.

ElizabethS said...

Hi Christine, it sounds as though ALL of you are having an amazing time. You deserve it.
You are so ingenious Christine with your garland - who would have thought of that - not me that's for sure.
Enjoy the rest of your stay. Elizabeth x

Maggie said...

Hello Christine. How wonderful. You all look so great and it's pretty obvious that Elliott is in his element. Great use of wreath by the way. xxMargaretxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Afternoon Christine, Fabulous piccies, well done Elliott and brilliant being allowed into the cockpit.
So glad you are all enjoying yourselves.
A beautiful card with the door and wreath, I'm just wondering if the wreath could be cut out of shrink plastic and then 'shrunk', would that work do you think ???
Lots of love from Patricia xx

SusanP, Kent said...

I love these pictures! You and Elliott look as if you're having lots of fun. I'm impressed with your door with garland. I think the corner die from the Holly Motifs set might work too. What about cutting the wreath in shrink plastic coloured green. I've also been trying to work out a way to use the Edwardian Door as a pillar box. Hmmmm.
Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Elaine said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Some fab pictures. Love the dies & what you made x

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