Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Mid-Week Tree Bulletin

Hello friends
This is a Christmas tree dominated blog post!

My tree is up but naked! 
This evening it should finally be decorated.
Actually it's not quite the feline decoration....
 This is a yearly battle I have with one of my cats, Darcy.
And a close up of the little minx!
But I am pleased to say there is one decorated tree in the house.
Mitchell wanted a tree in the conservatory and here he is adorning it with 
an amazing amount of tinsel and baubles!  Bella was fascinated with it all.
And how about this for a brilliant tree.. this is at the park where I walk Bella.
Dog-walkers have been adding bits and bobs and even toadstools this year.
Yes, beginning to feel festive now.

The knitted squares have begun to arrive - I am thrilled, thank you so much everyone.
I feel relieved as back on track with Elliott's blanket.  I've decided that it could run into 
two blankets and that is great as I will donate one to the 
Oak Centre for Children at The Royal Marsden.
This is where Elliott attends for his blood tests and clinic appointments and it is such a happy place.
Elliott is doing really well with his radiotherapy, he does get tired but still has a good
appetite (plenty of McDonalds - they will never go out of business with Elliott around!) 

Take care friends - I will be back soon.


Magzeeann said...

Hi Christine, I really love your 'Darcy tree', the photo is so cute. How on earth do you prevent her from climbing it when it's decorated?! Mitchell's tree looks very festive as does the one in the dog walk park. Really pleased that Elliott's treatment is going well, MacD's will never go into decline with him around!Love and hugs,
Maggie x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Christine, lovely tree news today. Mine is not up yet I am sorry to say. Will be the weekend now I think. Cute pic of "the little minx".
So pleased Elliott is doing well with his treatment.
Elizabeth x

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Wow !! it's spot the 'Darcy' haha they are so inquisitive aren't they. Good job there Mitchell, you need to start on Mum's tree now haha. I'm loving the tree on the dog walk, although conspicuously there are no baubles on the top branches, I wonder why !! haha, suppose you would need a really, really tall person or a 'a man with ladders' haha, but a really lovely idea and will make people smile.
So pleased that Elliott's treatment is going well, Mackie's profits will drop when Elliott's treatment finishes.
So glad the knitted squares are doing well.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

What a gorgeous picture of your cat Christine! She looks like my cat Cleo that sadly died earlier this year, so pretty! Pleased to see Elliott is doing well with his treatment. Susan x

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. What a great pic of your tree with a very special ornament on it : ) Well done Mitchell, your tree looks lovely and bright and cheerful, as Christmas trees should. So goodto know that Elliott is coping well with the treatment, and that he is managing to keep Mc D's in profit : ) Lovely knitted squares, I have managed 2 rows so far:( Thank goodness others are much faster than me. Have a good day. Take care.

Valerie said...

I hope we see your tree decorated soon, minus Darcy! Love the tree in the park, such a great idea. Fun for so many people. On this really foggy day, keep safe. Love Valerie

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine, hehe got to love Darcy, we have never had a cat in the xmas tree! Love the outside tree lovely idea for the dog walkers to see every day. Glad Elliott is doing well with the treatment. Wow to everyone who has already sent in squares for the blanket - they were quick. Good luck to Elliott for the rest of the week. Emma

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
What a wonderful photo of Darcy in the tree, Mitchell's tree looks good as does the tree in the park what a fun idea.
Pleased to hear all's going well fro Elliot.
Blanket squares looking good, can't help with that I don't knit.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. I have the same problem with my tree which was put up on Sunday and already been put up again as one of my naughty cats jumped in it from the couch and over it went.
I'm sure by Christmas it will be put back up a few times more!!
Love the idea of the tree on your dog walk.
So pleased Elliott is doing ok with his treatment.
Great knitted squares - sure kind people.

Love val x

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Love all your tree photos today,Darcy looks great.
Your blanket squares look really nice, people are so kind.
So pleased Elliott is doing O.K at the moment. Take care. x.

marg said...

Good Morning Christine
My tree looks just like yours.... minus the cat!
Good that Elliott is okay with the treatments at the minute!
Loved the tree in the park and the mushrooms!
Take care
Love Marg

Jean Z said...

Well done to all for knitting the squares, such lovely people ,love Jean Z xx

nattyboots said...

Hi Christie
When i saw Darcy in the tree i thought what a fantastic Christmas card it would make { take some copies ready for next year if you get too pushed to make your own haha }

So pleased Elliott still has an appetite ,that tells you he is doing just fine "Go Elliott Go"

I will make my squares in the new year Christine when i am away .
Have a good day
Elaine H X

Anonymous said...

Darcy looks very comfortable in the tree, and what a lovely idea for all the dog walkers to decorate the tree. I'm so glad my squares arrived safely and the other knitted squares are beautiful. Take care. Claire

pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine
my daughters two ginger toms also climb her Christmas tree. They also climb it when it's decorated. Glad that Elliot's doing ok-ish with his radiotherapy.

hazel young said...

Love the cat in the tree, your conservatory tree and the park tree. Glad the treatment is going well and the squares are rolling in xx hazel

hazel young said...

Love the cat in the tree, your conservatory tree and the park tree. Glad the treatment is going well and the squares are rolling in xx hazel

Janice said...

Ha ha, that picture made me smile Christine! Hope she stays out of it when it's decorated!
Lovely to see your knitted squares coming in, how kind of the ladies.
Keep up the good work Elliot, you're doing really well and must be half way there now.
Janice x

Carole Z said...

The photo of Darcy in the tree is so cute! Love the decorated tree on your walk as well! I usually put up our old artificial tree in my craft room, but as I can barely get in here myself at the moment, it's still looking pretty forlorn in a corner of the house! Glad all going along well for Elliott and those squares look great! Hugs, Carole Z X

LoraineC said...

Well your way ahead of me!!! Loving the cat decoration and glad that Elliot is going along ok xx

Laura O said...

glad all is going well with your knitted squares and Elliott too of course.Laura O

Anonymous said...

At least you have made a start on the trees ! Must think about sorting mine ! Mitchell has done a great job of the tree in the conservatory xx

Carolyn H said...

Sorry, I think Darcy looks sooo cute up in that Christmas Tree, Just get Mitchell to add a little tinsel and leave it that!!
Conservatory Tree looks great, do you think Bella was hoping to be decorated too?
Hope Elliott is doing well this week, love Carolyn.

Maggie said...

Hello Christine. Isn't it wonderful when the house starts to look festive. Tomorrow I shall make a start without a Mitchell to help me sadly. I love the idea of the tree in the park. It makes life interesting when you don't know what's around the corner. Aren't people generous with all those squares? Shows what a strong support group you have! xxMargaretxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Just found your page and all my prayers are with you and Elliot, im really sorry i don't knit. i love the photos you have put on your page, and all the festive things too, i haven't got mine down from the loft yet, got the new windows coming Monday so not in a hurry to get them. I did go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park last week though, and its got me in the spirit for 25th, wishing Well wisher

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