Saturday, 7 December 2013

Blanket of Love

Hello friends

Quick addition to yesterday's post to address the question of 
how much wool is needed to knit a square?
I'm not very good at judging but I went into Wilkinsons and purchased one of their large
balls of wool (it was just over a £1) and I've knitted 2 squares from that and I suspect I could
knit a third too...hope that helps.

Today is the day I am issuing a notice.... 
Knitters Wanted!  please.

When I first received the dates for Elliott's radiotherapy I came up with the
idea that I would like to knit a square featuring a heart for each session - 30 squares in total.
I would then join them together to create a blanket - a Blanket of Love.
I adapted a pattern and off I went - clickety clack with the knitting needles...
except it soon dawned on me that I was falling behind... 
yesterday was Elliott's 10th treatment and I have knitted.... 2 and a half squares!
(No laughing at my little knitting needles - I've had them since I was a little girl!)
So here is my plea - if anyone out there is a knitter and has a little bit of time
(I know, it's December - what am I thinking.. everyone is rushed off their feet!)
But just in case there are any knitting fairies, I'm looking for some 
additional squares to complete the blanket.  
The wool can be any colour double knit.
I'm placing the pattern below but if there are any problems reading it I can send it 
via email on request.
I'm hoping to have the blanket finished by mid-January.
Squares can be sent to the shop address please - Hope and Chances Creativity,
Heritage Quarter, 78 High Street, Gravesend, Kent DA11 0BH
To achieve 30 squares would be absolutely wonderful.

Yesterday was a long day at the hospital, Elliott had his radiotherapy treatment 
and then needed an MRI.  Sadly, he became very anxious with the MRI - 
because it is his brain they need to scan they do tend to place all sorts of 
contraptions on his head and it is so unnerving.
On top of that another round of blood tests etc - he calls the nurses vampires now!

In between appointments we played cards and had time to investigate the 
Christmas tree in the hospital car park.  
They have actually dug a hole in a parking space to erect it!
My decorations are one step nearer to being up...they are out of the attic!
I will get there, I'm going to put aside a few hours, 
pop a nice Christmas DVD on and wrestle with the tree lights!
Take care friends - have a lovely weekend, I bet most of you are shopping!


mim said...


I will have a go where do I send them? Margaret x

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. What a lovely idea. I am not a very good knitter, a couple of years ago I finally managed to produce a basic mobile phone cover for my daughter that had the correct amount of stitches on each row and no holes! This is after being shown how to knit by both Grandmothers and my Mum (all experts) many, many times since I was small. Sadly my arthritis has stopped me being able to knit very much at all now, I can manage maybe 5 mins at atime on a good day, but I will try and do a square for you. I am sure you will be inundated with squares though. I wonder how big this blanket is going to end up?:) Sorry that Elliott had a wobble, keep reminding him how far he has come with facing and beating down his fears. He can do it.
I hope you get your decs up. That is our plan for today, fingers crossed:) Sorry for the rambling. Take care.

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine sorry I don't knit, hope you find some of the lady's to do some for you love Jean Z XX

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
I am really sorry Elliott had a bad day yesterday,I hope every thing works out very soon.
The Christmas tree at the hospital looks lovely.
Your knitted squares are looking good, I am sure we can all do a little to help.
I hope you have a good weekend. Take care. x.

Stamping Bubbles said...

I will have a go too Christine. Do you need them before Christmas? If you don't it would be a lovely restfull project for over the Christmas period. I hope Elliot isn't too sore after all the blood tests yesterday - he must feel like a pincushion!

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
My heart goes out to Elliot, poor lad has suffered so much, but with your love and support I'm sure he will any wobbles he may have.
Sorry I don't knit so won't be able to help.
As for shopping I hate it, I do all of my online. Hope you get your decs up.
Take care.

Unknown said...

Hi Christine - I love knitting - happy to make some for you. Thinking of you all. Love from Jackie

Cinders61 said...

What a great idea to knit a blanket. I would like to knit a square for you. I am sure you are counting the days until the treatment session has finished for Elliott. Keep strong! Gillian x

Anonymous said...

Elliot you have come so far. Keep at it, you can do it.

The blanket is a lovely idea, will give it a go. I couldn't face the shops at the weekend this time of year, far too crowded. I take a day off midweek, it makes the shopping far more enjoyable. JuliaT x

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine

Elliott is being so brave and I agree some of the nurses are vampires!! The MRI scans can be a bit scary too

Love the tree in the carpark,hope you get yours done this weekend. Mine will be 2 weeks time
I will knit a square for you, I am not a fantastic knitter but will do my best

Sue xxx

loftylass said...

Morning Christine - so sorry to hear of Elliott's awful day yesterday.... be brave. I haven't knitted in years but I will do my best... such a good idea and love the pattern. Have a good weekend.
Hugs to all.

Lynn said...

Hi Christine, I think I have some time to Knit some squares, I was looking at my wool the other day and trying to decide what to do with it, the decision was that my grand daughters baby Annabel doll was going to get some new clothes, this is far easier and a much better cause, Lynn xx

Valerie said...

I have printed off the instructions and will see if I still have any knitting needles. Soooooo long ago that I used them. Will try to help. Keep smiling Elliott, each day is one more nearer the finish of your treatment. Valerie

marg said...

Good Morning Christine
I am still thinking of you, and praying for an end to all this awful trauma that your family have been sent!
Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. I'm sure you're going to get such a lot of square from all your lovely followers. Sadly I don't knit anymore as I have joint problems.
So sorry Elliott had a bad day yesterday. He's a strong young man and I hope he's not too sore.
Hope your decs get up this weekend.
Love Val x

hazel young said...

Fabulous idea Christine about the blanket maybe if you get too many squares you could make two one for Elliott and one to auction or raffle off. Sorry to hear Elliott had a busy day at the hospital. Hope you get your tree up an have a good weekend. xx hazel

Unknown said...

Hi Christine
My needles are going to be working tonight, will love to help out. Sorry Elliott didn't have a very good day yesterday, stay strong Elliott x.
Have a good weekend
Sue x

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine
I am always away in the camper van from January for two months { Cant get on line for most of the time so i always knit }
If you dont want the squares until March ,i can help you out big time ?

So sorry Elliott had a wobble, it is the unknown of whats going to happen { Men bigger than you have wobbles Elliott } You are doing fantastic and another week done .

Enjoy dressing your tree
Take Care
Elaine H X

EmmaT said...

Morning Christine. Sorry I cant help with the knitting, im totally useless at it and the cat could do a better job! Sorry to hear Elliott is struggling with the MRi, I have a brain one every 6 months so I know how bad it is being shut into the head brace. I close my eyes and think of something else, they will also play your own cd if you ask them, a story book is great.

I haven't done the decorations yet either, hoping for this weekend. Sending you all and especially Elliott a Massive HUG. Love Emma x

Magzeeann said...

Hi Christine, I'm not a knitter but I'll get a ball of wool and give it a go ~ we go to sunnier climes for Christmas and new year, so I'll take it with me (hopefully I'll bring a square back!!). Sorry to hear that Elliott had a bad day yesterday,hope he enjoys his 2 hospital free days and manages to relax.Enjoy your weekend.Love and hugs,
Maggie x

alex said...

Will get my needles out later, love to all x

Maggie said...

Hello Christine. We'll see! I am knitting a dress for my brand new granddaughter but I'm sure I can fit in a square or two. xxMargaretxx

Lacelady said...

Well done to Elliott - a tough day and he coped - what more can you ask? I'll do a square for you, if you get more than you need, they can always go towards another one.

Janice said...

Hi Christine
High five to Elliot for getting through the day yesterday, it must be so tough for him. I love the tree they have there, bet it looks lovely at night.
Sorry I'm not a knitter as I would have loved to help you out...what a great idea! I think you'll receive plenty of squares to help you complete it 😉
Thank you for my December kit, it arrived today and is fabulous!
Hope you're having a lovely crafting day with your ladies.
Janice x

Laura O said...

such a lovely idea ,one third of the way there now am thinking of you all.Laura O

Layerlass67 said...

Well done Elliott for getting through a difficult day yesterday. Not long to go to the end of the treatment. Christine, any idea how much yarn for a square? Would like to try and help with your Knitathon. Hope you and Elliott both manage to relax and enjoy the weekend. Gemma xx

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, I can fully understand Elliott's wobble over the MRI scan as I did. I had many on my legs and hips, but my head was different. The good /great news cannot be found out without the scan, and its one less to the end of them.
Enjoy dressing your home for Christmas.
X Ros

Debbie said...

Hi, I'm in too, knitting needles are clicking away. Sorry to read Elliott's treatment was hard going for him. Sending good wishes to you all. Debbie

CraftyJo said...

I'm so sorry - I can't even cast-on ;) My mum did all the knitting in our house and I never got round to learning. Not a lot of help to you I know but I am thinking of you all and wishing all the best :D

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, Those squares with hearts look fabulous. I highlighted the pattern and sent it to print, I couldn't believe what came out of the printer, it was 9 pages and huge, huge, huge, writing, I don't know what on earth went wrong haha.
Poor Elliott, all that in one day, no wonder he 'wobbled', lets hope the weekend re-generates his batteries, I know you will all be enjoying the time at home.
Lots of love and huge hugs from Patricia xx

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, your squares look fabulous, I wish I could help, but I'm just not a knitter I'm afraid :( hugs Carole Z xx

Alma said...

Hi Christine, i will try my best to get some squares done for you. Sorry Elliot is having such difficult times, keep strong. Alma x

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine
Haven't knitted in years, but it is such a lovely pattern and a good cause that I will try. Give Elliott a big hug from us, 2 weeks gone already and then there is Christmas to look forward to so the time will pass very quickly. Anne x

Mary by the Sea said...

Hi there, again later than expected..

Hope your tree is up now...what a spectacular one at the Marsden.

Well done for getting through the last 2 weeks Elliott, wobbles and all.

Hope all is ok at the studio and the course goes ahead. Have a great day.

Today is make the xmas cards, staying in today and tomorrow to do them and finish the decorations..

Take care, xx

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