Friday, 28 June 2013

Tease Part 2 and a Giveaway!

Hello friends
I am here today with a sneak peek of the Charity Kit - oh I do like to tease!
All going to plan - I can reveal the entire kit at the weekend.
As briefly mentioned there is going to be a raffle.  I put out a request to some 
companies - large and small to ask whether they would be prepared 
to donate a raffle prize - the response has been stupendous! 
With every kit purchased on-line you will receive a raffle ticket.
I will also make provisions to purchase further tickets and, of course, they will be 
available in the studio/shop.

I'm really enjoying putting all this together - I think Mitchell may be slightly
exhausted from all the die cutting!  He did some at home yesterday and
his 'work talk' is somewhat varied.  In fact this is the sort of conversation we have:

Mitchell: "Mum, if there was a zombie apocalypse what would you do?"
Me: "Um, what are my options?"
Mitchell: "We could let them eat us or barricade ourselves in but we would 
have to live upstairs - zombies can't walk up stairs."
Me: "Can I take my craft stuff!"

So back in the real world(!) how about a Giveaway this Friday? 
I've been having a tidy and discovered an A4 M-Bossabilities folder.  
It is ex-demo and perfect condition - just without the packaging.

Leave a comment and a winner will be named next week.
Feel free to share any odd conversations you may have had this week if you like -
I might not feel quite so mad then! 

Take care friends - have a lovely weekend.


Chris said...

Hi Christine,
I'm loving your kit already and have only seen snippets of it. I look forward to seeing the full kit at the weekend. You are not alone, I think my son lives on another planet sometimes, although he has just finished his exams so hopefully he will come back to earth soon.
Love Chris X

baconbits said...

Morning Christine
What a wonderful tease - a good way to rid yourself of bingo wings.
As for strange conversations I would have too many comment on and some are really random.
Amanda x

Wendy L said...

Kit looks very interesting. I have never had a conversation about zombies !!!!!! Embossing board looks deliciuos. Xxxx

Rosie said...

Like the look of the kit and the embossing folders. As for odd conversations- too many to mention, but they are often with a 2 and 5 year old. At least that's my excuse!

Carolyn Bell said...

Hi Christine, love the look of the folder, I agree sons do have strange conversations, usually about football or food! Can't wait to see the kit, have a good weekend, love Carolyn x

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the weekend reveal. Mitchell is quite sensible really, you should have a plan in place for these things! ;) JuliaTx

nmty said...

Hi christine ooh I can,t wait til the reveal. Strange conversations yep had lots of them with my son (and hubby) over the years currently limited to conversations about a certain North East football club which has been in headlines recently. Thought I would get a break during the closed season!! Crafting keeps me sane!! Lv norma

Cinders61 said...

I like the look of this kit from the teaser shots. I am sure that Mitchell is doing a grand and much appreciated job. I am just beginning to increase my stash of embossing boards and this one looks like it could be used on lots of occasions. Love Gillian xx

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Hi Christine looking forward to seeing the full reveal! I still have strange conversations with my son and he is 37!! Have a great weekend hugs Susan x

PharmacyMichele said...

The kit looks good, well-what you're letting us see does! I got home late last night to be asked where the hedgehog food was, it seems our hedgehog was sat in his food dish waiting for us to put food out. Can't even have a night off from that duty!


Janice said...

Hi Christine

Another tease indeed! Looking forward to seeing it revealed completely!
Lovely embossing folder, thank you for the chance of winning, it's very generous of you.
As for strange conversations.....I'm really not sure what my answer would have been to Mitchell, I need a think on that one!
Have a lovely day
Janice x

foxyg said...

Looks a wonderful kit. Well done to Mitchell.
Would love to win the embossing folders.

Anne O said...

Hi Christine
I can't wait to see what the kit will be. It must be a label of some kind? Take care and well done to Mitchell
Best wishes
Anne O

Elizabeth x said...

Hi Christine, it's all looking good with the "tease" pics. Looking forward to seeing the real thing.
Well done Mitchell, you are doing is splendid job.
The embossing folder looks great. You are very kind to give us a chance of winning.
Enjoy your day.
Elizabeth x

Christine Harrop said...

You gave me a chuckle about your conversation with your son! Youa re certainly being a tease! But it's fun. Great embossing folder. Christine x

Supernan Sue said...

Please ask Mitchell what will happen to me when the zombies strike, I live in a bungalow LOL!!
I love what I am seeing of the kit so far.
Hope Elliott is as well as can be expected, I am looking for the end of the tunnel for you all
Take care
Sue x

Linda said...

Hi Christine, I unfortunately or is that fortunately don't have a son so my conversations are limited to a husband who seems half the time not to be listening and just grunts his reply, or with Barney my little dog who does his best to look as though he understand my chatter.
Looking forward the charity pack and raffle, such places are worthy of our help.
Love Linda in not so sunny South Shields

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, I'm loving the sneaky peek, especially the little 'birdie', you are such a tease !!
The raffle sounds a brilliant idea, and thank you to all the companies that have made you very happy.
I am loving the M-bossabilities folder, I would love to win that, I have everything crossed ha ha.
Have a lovely day, I am hoping the rain stops, as we have our Churches Walking Day in town today, and it's raining, yuck !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Carole Z said...

OOH Christine what a tease! I am so looking forward to the big reveal and thanks for the chance to win the super embossing folder....hope the zombies don't invade! Oddly enough we had saved the final episode of the TV series Grimm for my bro-in-law to watch last night and there were plenty of zombies there! Carole Z X

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Glad we will finally get to see the whole kit in the next day or two. Can't wait! Also glad that I am not the only one to have very strange conversations with my children and grandaughters. An example of one with my daughter, while shopping for our Scout Group family party went something like this. "Mum, how many Boddies have we have left at the hut?" My reply was "I'm not sure, I can't remember, is it 1 or 2?" I looked round to see a man looking at us with an odd look on his face! I realised what we had said and quickly, with much laughter, explained to him that we were talking about cases of Boddingtons Bitter!!! Take care.

Maid of Kent said...

Hi Christine, that kit looks so interesting. Looking forward to seeing more. How much longer are going to tease hugs Ann

Elaine said...

Ha ha great conversations ! The kit looks fab so excited for this ! Have a lovely day x

Maggieann said...

Morning Christine,loving the look of the kit already. I should be OK if the zombies invade, my craft room is upstairs~would just need to grab food and drink!!Love the embossing folder, thanks for the chance to win it.(((HUGS))) xxx

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine. Your kit really does look interesting,and it sounds like you are going to have a really good raffle, It is great for such a good cause. Take care. X.

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Mitchell has been working hard by the looks of it, I will be good to see the big reveal.
I did have a chuckle at your conversation with Mitchell.
Have a good day.

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, the weirdest conversation I had this week was with cat, I was mad at her for digging slow worms out the hedge and after i'd rescued 6 of them I decided she was to be shut indoors, well she then thought I was playing with her each time I tried to pick her up, then my neighbour came out and said are you ok, who are you talking too, of course the cat had vanished!
Thinks im mad now! Loving the look of the kit. Emma

hazel young said...

Ooo loving the look of the kit Christine, Mitchell has worked well to get it all die cut and put together. He won't have the need for the gym now hes grand caliburing. Love the zombie chat lol. Have a great weekend xx hazel

Mary by the Sea said...

Hi Christine, can't wait for the full reveal of the kit. You certainly know how to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Odd conversations are not limited to younger males, my 83 year old dad suddenly phoned me up late last Friday evening to ask me if I knew it was the longest day. Then added the days will be getting shorter now but we haven't had summer. Ended conversation saying wanted to make sure you knew what day it was. Totally weird.

Take care, Mary x

Anonymous said...

Morning Christine,
The kit looks super so far, well done Mitchell! Hope all is well for Elliot and am looking forward to your big reveal.
love Carole N xxx

Sue Yorkshire said...

Morning Christine... Love your strange conversation. One of the strangest I had was with my friend when her Mum died, her aunt asked is she was having a sitting up but I heard it as having her sitting up so you can imagine what followed... weird but it made us laugh!!
Loving the look of the new kit and cant wait to see it all

Hope you have a good weekend

Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Morning Christine. Your conversation made me smile and reminds me of the talks my teenage son and I have, anyone listening would think we are barmy :) Looking forward to seeing the charity kit. Take care. Claire

Maggie J said...

Can't wait for the whole project to be revealed! As for the conversations with Mitchell all I can say is that sons are in a world of their own aren't they
Maggie J x

Maggie J said...

Can't wait for the whole project to be revealed! As for the conversations with Mitchell all I can say is that sons are in a world of their own aren't they
Maggie J x

loftylass said...

Love the look of that kit Christine... as for the conversation... I say, if he's talking to you it's a good sign (whatever the subject!!)
Hugs to all.
Heather W

cats said...

Morning! The kit is looking very interesting :)

As for strange conversations, when my daughter was very young I was sitting with her at bedtime and she asked about the little old man sitting on top of the wardrobe. She's always been a bit strange like that ! LOL :D xx

Debbie said...

Oh the kit looks fab.You are so naughty teasing us.Interesting conversation that you two have-bless.Lush embossing folder.Thank you for the chance to win-so kind.Hoping all you have is good news from now on as you've all had a rough time so far this year.Big crafty hugs.Debbie x

Rita said...

Good Morning Christine. Looking forward to getting this kit. I bet it will be stunning, especially after all the hours Mitchell has spent helping you prepare it. A wonderful cause and I'd be delighted to help. Have a good day. Hugs Rita xx

Lacelady said...

I'm a bit worried about the Zombies, I live in a bungalow. I just hope they don't get as far as Ireland, LOL.

Would love a chance to win the folder, please Bella, pick me!

Chrissie J Lui said...

Hi Christine, what a tease, kit looks great tho. Cant wait to see the finished pack.
I feel like a zombie after a night shift (probably look like one too haha).

Happy crafting
Chrissie x x x

Ita O'Byrne O'Keeffe said...

hi Christine glade to see your banter is back ,and having a bit of fun with Michael,I hope you are paying him overtime.Looking forward to seeing the kit.

Lovestampin said...

The tease looks interesting and look forward to checking it out. No strange conversations as am on my own clearing out my daughters wardrobe although I am sure I am thinking a lot of odd things when I see all the "rubbish" on the shelves!

Rose in Chester said...

Hi Christine,
I bet you are having loads of fun with your tease kit..... and the conversations with your colleague are certainly varied!
Hope Elliott is feeling a bit better by now.

Janice said...

Hi Christine, yes boys often come out with questions like Mitchell did with you. Mine normally ask when I'm in the middle of crafting/cooking dinner or watching soaps on tv, and my mind isn't really on what they are saying.... then I focus and can't believe that I have to answer them in a serious way !!!. Oh well boys will be boys!!. Looking forward to the great reveal of the kit. Janice xx

Mac Mable said...

Looking forward to the charity kit coming our way over the weekend. No strange conversations as no kids in our house but will a husband do? xx

Sharka said...

Can't wait to see the full tease! That's too funny b/c on our walk after work the other day I was talking about how our family has been feeling like zombies and will that feeling go away once we get back on track again or what's the next mode we'll be in, lol! Our cat was hit by a car exactly a week ago and we thought we had to put him down, but things changed and today our Kramer is back but with a 'dangly' leg and the names we have come up with for him now (teasing) and so that's why the 'zombie feeling' with the care and new changes we all are going through...Happy Friday! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine - Loving the tease and waiting for the big reveal! Mitchell reminds me of my grandson (age 11) who also has a vivid imagination. Hope Elliott has turned his corner now. Would love you to pick me as a winner of the embossing folder Bella.

Maggie said...

Hello. Been away and just got the news that you're back with Spellbinders. Not a surprise but congratulations. Strange conversations with my dogs every day! xxMargaretxx

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, I Can't wait to see the kit Mitchell has been working away at good for his arms will make him strong. Kids do say strange things sometimes love Jean Z xxx

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine and Mitchell. Looking forward to the reveal, it looks very exciting.
Have really weird conversations with my (deaf) husband, most of which are unprintable!!
Have a great weekend. Anne x

LoraineC said...

Hi Christine can't wait for the big reveal very excited. Best wishes to you all xx

Liz Thomson said...

Ready and waiting to get my hands on one of your charity kits.Too many odd conversations with my kids to mention. Take care Liz x

Valerie said...

Hi Christine, kit looks good, what comes next!!! I live with a husband that is too vain to have a hearing aid, our conversations are sometimes out of this world, but I just bite my tongue and repeat the question. Also have a son well into D & D and role playing games that is also out of my world. Valerie

Valerie said...

Hi Christine, kit looks good, what comes next!!! I live with a husband that is too vain to have a hearing aid, our conversations are sometimes out of this world, but I just bite my tongue and repeat the question. Also have a son well into D & D and role playing games that is also out of my world. Valerie

ros hodgkins said...

Hi Christine, glad all is normal in your house, I read on face book weird comments from my teenage relatives.
Looking forward to the kit being available.
X Ros

Sara Hart said...

Kit looks really interesting, can't wait to see it in reveal, Teens don't you just love em Ha ha!
I don't think I have seen that embossing board before! The only one to slip past me I think he he!
Sara X

Domino said...

Looking forward to seeing the kit in detail at the weekend and I love dots so the embossing folder would be a great addition to my collection. My Dad and I are always having strange conversations. We are currently training to be spies so phone conversations are often in code - in case anyone else is listening!! We've always had very fertile imaginations!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine
Love the sneak peek - can't wait to see. Thanks for the chance to win the embossing folder. I love funny conversations with my 3-year old granddaughter, eg. Where do I get a horse from nannie? AnnieS.

Carolyn H said...

I'm very curious to know what this sneak peak is all about.Look forward to finding out this weekend.
Poor Mitchell, are you sure your not over working him Christine??
You have to break these younger folk in gently Ha ha.
As conversation go, I'm usually nodding or saying yes to my Grandson's when quite honestly I havent got a clue what their talking about! I guess that is something to do with being an older generation or two!
Have a great weekend all of you. Love Carolyn x

Craftychris said...

Love the sneaky peak! Thank you for the chance to win the fabulous folder! I can't think of a specific strange conversation with my kids, but I can assure you there were loads when they lived at home and there are still lots now!! xx

jucrook said...

Better late than never. I am intrigued about the kits -you are such a tease about them. We have some great conversations in our house most of which are unrepeatable, although we haven't had one about zombies - yet. Have a great weekend. Ju

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine
Glad I'm not the only one having daft conversations, sometimes the conversations I have with my two girls (15 and 12) sound positively outrageous.. The sneak peek at the kit is really interesting... lots of lovely stuff there.. cant wait to see the finished kit.
Caroline MacH

Sandra said...

Hello, all conversations in our house are totally crazy. ! Mitchell's hard work looks to be paying off, the sneak peek looks fab. I am really looking forward to its launch.
How is Elliott after this weeks visits etc?
You are always in my thoughts
Sandra xxxx

Sandra said...

Hello, all conversations in our house are totally crazy. ! Mitchell's hard work looks to be paying off, the sneak peek looks fab. I am really looking forward to its launch.
How is Elliott after this weeks visits etc?
You are always in my thoughts
Sandra xxxx

Anita Braddock said...

What an Awesome sneak peek of the new kit. and I love the spellbinders dies and embossing folders and would love to win one thanks for sharing.
Love all the heart felt peak into your life and family my prayers go out to you and your family. keep the Faith

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine,

I wish you lots of luck with your raffle, its such a good idea and for such a worthwhile cause .

Im really looking forward to seeing the full kit .

My strangest conversation was with the little girl living next door to us from when she was 3 yrs old up until she was 9 yrs old we have talked about the Teddy Bears and their picnic and all manner of things they got up to and ate, until i was believing it myself .

Have a nice weekend

Elaine H X
and all the fun they had in the woods

darcydaydream said...

don't know about strange but was discussing about the local post office shutting down and opening up in the village hall and how it was not very secure. Jokingly someone said the were going to put on a balaclava but they would have far to go as they only lived next door!!
Have a great weekend.
Christine in Darcy

Toni said...

Hello Christine, hope I'm not too late to 'comment' for the giveaway. Havn't been able to post on a 'real' computer til now this weekend. Somehow my posts from my phone don't seem to get there! Expect there's something I haven't done to allow it to happen. Me and technology!!!!!
Loved the sneak peek and I''m just off to purchase one now I've seen the whole kit.
Thank you for the chance of the embossing folder, fingers crossed.
Toni xx

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