Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Upcycling Little Boxes!

Hello friends
My final project upcycling boxes - this time little boxes.
I've got a combination here of light bulbs, face cream and more!
Instead of wrapping paper around each box, I cut a panel of patterned paper for each side, 
this defined the edges more and then I inked them with Tea Dye.
I used a combination of dies including Frosty Forms and Layered Poinsettia.
Added lace and ribbon and sparkly gems.  It very much evolved, just adding bits here and there.

Thank you to those who emailed into the TV studio yesterday - so nice to see familiar names.
I did feel a little bit like a duck out of water, it was very much going in blind as someone
else had created all the sample cards and we had a bit of a hair raising moment when we
couldn't find any demo products.  I had put together some of my signature projects -
chocolate wrapper, shopping list and tag (of course) so I was able to show those.
Stamping was thrown at me when I really wasn't prepared - so it kept me on my toes and
hopefully it didn't disappoint.  Have to say those Tilda Sewing Bird papers are
gorgeous - really thick and beautiful designs - very Cath Kidston (not allowed to say that on air!)

I will feature my TV projects shortly - a couple are being sent out to the Spotty
Cup Winners - congratulations to those!

Tomorrow is a very very exciting day for Spellbinders Design Team Coordinator -
Cathy Chlebana is here in the UK and she is making a special trip to Gravesend to see me!
I've organised a Christmas pub lunch and she is going to take a look at my studio and new shop
(although sadly the shop is still empty, still a delay on the paperwork etc).
I will hopefully be posting photos.
Goodness - that's a lot of reading there today.
Take care friends.


scottish crafter said...

Hi Christine, I have some papers left over from making Advent Frames so now you have given me an idea on using them up. Your boxes are adorable. It was great seeing my name among the winners of the Velcro draw, thank you and your lovely son, I am looking forward to receiving it.

Wilma x x

Elaine said...

Hi the 7pm show was great.... I didnt see 3pm was at work. Im sure that was great also. I was a spotty potty winner the only time ive ever emailed in. Lovely boxes today. Have a good day

Lacelady said...

Drat, I missed you yesterday, because I had an unexpected visitor - but I love the boxes! Are they all upcycled?

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine...and well done to Elaine for being drawn from the spotty potty! I was waiting with baited breath to see if mine was a winner, but alas no :) Great show at 7pm,the 3pm is recorded as I was at work...loving all the upcycling! Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine. Love the shows and demo's yesterday especially the chocolate wrapper. Is Hayley a new prresenter? Never seen her before.

Today's boxes are great. lovely idea.

Val in Spain xxx

Susan Flynn said...

Hi Christine - caught you one the 3 o clock show I thought you did brilliantly! Love the boxes today so pretty! x

hazel said...

Morning Christine lovely boxes, it was nice to see you on c&c again after so long. OOo how exciting a spellbinder in the Uk, hope you have a lovely day together xx hazel

Bea said...

Hi Christine -love your boxes - I hope to have my detergent gift box finished by the end of the week. Just caught the chocolate wrapper as was working yesterday but agree the papers are lovely and great to see you on C&C. Enjoy tomorrow..

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Only saw the 3pm show in full and part of the 2nd. Well done you were great. Not sure about the new presenter Hayley, her voice is a bit overpowering.
Enjoy you day,

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, Just got myself settled in front of the tv at 3pm, saw you do the choccie wrapper, which was fantastic, then a ring on the bell, and the person stayed until well after you had finished, luckily I had recorded the 2 shows, so will be catching up today. I must say that those Tilda papers looked really gorgeous.
I love your altered boxes, you always use the most beautiful papers, you have the eye of picking lovely papers that go beautifully together.
Have a lovely day with your Spellbinders colleague.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

lydia jordan said...

Forgot to say I love your boxes.

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine

Lovely boxes again today ,and such beautiful papers ,

You did so well on the shows Christine and your Choc Wrapper was areal winner.

I never had my e/mail read out yet again ,but then i wouldnt would i ? because i have just read it failed Doh.

Have a good day

Elaine H X

Janice said...

Hi Christine

Just love these boxes, you've certainly given us all something to think about. We'll be looking at every box and container we see in future to see if we can up cycle :-))

Well done for yesterday, your shows were brilliant. Loved the choc bar wrapper, shopping pad and the papers you used.
Have a good day
Janice x

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, I think you did amazing on the shows y/day, being thrown in the deep end and you swam! I think i would have sunk! Loving all these upcycled boxes and altho i do use bigger boxes i hadnt thought of using small boxes. Emma

Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
love all the upcycling boxes. Now that's really got me thinking.
Sorry I missed your programs yesterday. I run a ladies club on Tuesday afternoons, and I'm afraid to say I forgot about your 7pm show. That's old age for you can't keep things in your head for long. In any rate that's my excuse. lol.
Have a wonderful crafty day.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine.
Love your boxes,you are making us all look at boxes in a different light.
Well done yesterday on C&C,love the chocolate wrapper and shopping list,but really missed seeing you with your grand calibur and dies,you do such amazing things for us to copy. Take care ....x.

Ita said...

Hi Christine you did brillant yerstday,yes it did come across that you were thrown at the deep end,but it was the presenter that gave this impression not you,if you had being on with the usual presenters it would have been better,.You did shine with your demos always love the chocolat wrapper was great.the stamping you did great as I am new to stamping i learned a few tricks from you,the stamps were lovely, and do you need to use any foam on the back of the stamp???
Great news about your visitor.loved the notebook also

Planetsusie said...

Hi Christine - I did giggle when I first read that one of the boxes was a lightbulb box! I have such a vivid imagination, I naturally (for me) had the bulb still in there and I was watching someone open it up at Christmas. Well I told you my imagination was vivid. However they really are beautifully decorated and look so good.

Hugs and thanks again for my Velcro 'stickies'. Ohh and I loved the look of the bar of choccy yesterday!

Sue Pxxx

Anonymous said...

Afternoon Christine. You came over very well yesterday on C&C especially as they were not your samples you were dealing with. Loved all your demos. I too, was quite taken with flower stamps you were using.
Val C xx

baconbits said...

The shows were great really enjoyed the 7pm but was then up late prepping for todays lessons as got so engrossed.
Really enjoying the upcycling.
Amanda x

melanie said...

Great shows yesterday .melanie

Redanne said...

I do hope your meeting with your Spellbinders buddy goes well, I know your studio is lovely and have peeked inside the new shop and that is fabulous so I think she will be impressed. Considering you were thrown in at the deep end you did extremely well yesterday and you were very professional. Love your boxes today, I have just won some Christmas papers so will use them when they arrive to cover some boxes too. Hugs, Anne x

Carolyn H said...

Hi Christine, very late post today but just had to say,I enjoyed the C&C shows yesterday, well done.
Love the little boxes today, I'm certainly looking at packaging in a different way due to your ideas!!
Have a super 'Spellbinding day' tomorrow. C B W Carolyn x

Craftychris said...

Your boxes are gorgeous! Its such a good idea I will be having a go. Your shows were brilliant as always! xx

Craftychris said...

Your boxes are gorgeous! Its such a good idea I will be having a go. Your shows were brilliant as always! xx

Sarah said...

Stunning boxes Christine. I didn't know you were on again at 7.00pm or I would have caught that show aswell.

Sarah x

Sarah said...

Enjoyed your tv appearance...lovely ideas as usual!!
I have plans to do a few chocolate bars for little gifts...they look so much more special with a little extra decoration.

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