Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Card with Wire

Hello friends,
And now for something different...
Before I became completely hooked on papercraft I used to make jewellery so grabbing my 
pliers, Artistic Wire and beads was a bit like second nature to me when I designed this card.
I like the delicate greens of the paper and the dinky little aperture (created with Labels Eighteen).
The border strip is Banner Basics Two.
It is missing hearts and butterflies..I will see if I can remedy that tomorrow.
Hope you are all having an enjoyable weekend.
Bye for now.


Hellma said...

Good Sunday morning Christine, what an elegant card love the green.

Lucycat said...

This is a really lovely card I do like the wire and beads it goes so well with the green. x.

Carole Z said...

Really lovely Christine..I used to make jewellery too and would add beads and wire to some of my cards...not done so in a while so thanks for the reminder! Happy Sunday, Carole Z X

Missmizog said...

Hi Christine
Loving the card. Fantastic idea to add the beads etc..

Sandra Riley.... said...

Lovely colours and the wire really sets it off, another amazing card Christine, thank you x
Sandra x

Astrid Maclean said...

Great card!Really love the addition of the wire embellishments!

melanie said...

stunning card Melanie

hazel said...

Wonderful card Christine, green is my in colour at the moment. love the colours and design, think i may have to raid my jewellery making stash and add something to my cards too. Thanks for the idea xx hazel

Rebecca W said...

Very pretty card- I adore the shade of green.

Susan.... said...

Gorgeous card Christine ! love the colours and the wire and beads,make it look extra special !
Hope you are having a nice weekend..
susan x

Ita said...

A lovely card Christine i just love the colour

Lindyloo said...

Hi Christine,
You mention that your card is missing butterflies, well I think you were definitely thinking butterflies weren't you?! If you look closely at your ribbon and wire it sure looks like wings and antennae of a butterfly. Hmmm... you really do love them don't you!!
I really love this card, like you I am a beader and love working with beads to create many things: including cards, flower centers, jewellery and designer stick pins.
Thank you for reminding us to mix and match with our skills and our crafting stash to produce lots of texture and dimension.
All the best Linda x

Craftychris said...

Loving the colours and the beads and wire make a unique card idea xx

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