Tuesday, 9 February 2010

This cannot go on!!

Two teenage sons = double the stress every morning because they do not get out of bed!
This morning I resorted to pulling their duvets off their bed in the hope that they would not want to lay there shivering but they did! Admittedly the house is not a fridge but I wouldn't want to be stripped of my duvet first thing in the morning, far nicer to ease out of bed into my fluffy slippers and cosy dressing gown.

I've tried bribery, cajoling, reasoning and then finally full banshee screaming! I have to share with you that it places one in a very very bad mood first thing in the morning!


HelenMHunt said...

I have enough trouble getting myself out of bed in the morning. If I was responsible for getting anyone else up it would be a disaster.

Debs said...

You have my sympathies.

I thought that I wouldn't have this problem now that my son has left for uni, however, my daughter seems to have taken his place in the how-to-annoy-your-mother stakes.

Serendipity said...

I think they go off somewhere secretly in the night - 'how to irritate your Mother school'!! Thank goodness it is half term next week, a mini break from morning moaning! :-) x

Elliott Emberson said...

and that still didnt stop me

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