Friday, 10 September 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

It's Friday again and I have another photo heavy blog post to share.

Time Away:

My sister and I had a wonderful time at St Margaret's at Cliffe, near Dover. 
Such scenic spots and just on our doorstep, well about an hour and a half away.

Our first stop was to St Margaret's Bay and a walk along the seafront,
to marvel at the cliffs and also at Noel Coward's home called 'White Cliffs'.
Interestingly, Ian Fleming bought the house from him in 1951.

There is a tea shop and museum here called Pines, unfortunately it was closed
which was a bit of a blow - their cakes are amazing.

After recovering from no cake (!), the next day 
we took a trip to Sandwich, an historic little town full of 
sweet little shops and cafes.
An interesting name for a street - 'No Name Street'.

Sandwich also sits on the edge of a beautiful park.
We were blessed with such good weather, just one overcast day.

On Sunday we drove up to the National Trust - White Cliffs Experience.
We chose to visit the cafe and take in the view down into
Dover docks, seeing the ships come in and out - 
it takes a lot of precision to 'park' one of those. 

As we drove away I managed to get a glimpse of Dover Castle.

We then went back to the bay and managed to get a seat in the pub garden
for a roast dinner and this was our view - perfect. 

On our last morning before driving home we took a trip to Walmer, 
again another beautiful town. 

It was blissful to get away and do very little, we watched lots of films
in the evenings and did crochet - oh we know how to party! 
On our last night we took a walk to watch the setting sun.
It was so nice we intend to go back soon.


I've made a start on the crochet cushions.
Each one needs 25 squares and a granny panel for the reverse.
 I had thought about doing all the squares at once but considered
I would get pretty bored with that - 125 in total.
Instead I'll work on each cushion individually and break it up 
with other projects.


When heading off on my little holiday I planned to take the 
Fire Stick to be able to watch Netflix, Prime etc., 
but there's always one thing you forget when going away isn't there?
(Or is that just me?) 
Anyway, yes you guessed it - I forgot the Fire Stick. 
A quick trip to the charity shop to buy some DVDs (5 for £1)
and we were sorted with viewing.  
Here's just a few of the films we watched, 
quite a diverse choice!


Charity Kit:

Can I just say how super impressed I am with Jane ordering this month's charity kit 
just hours before her daughter was getting married! 
Thank you Jane, that's kit dedication.

It proved to be very popular this, as I type this there is just one kit left.

If you missed it please visit the blog post here.
This month's chosen charity was Happy Pants Ranch and you 
may have seen them in the news this week regarding their planning application.
Here is a link to the BBC News article - goodness red faces all round! 

Back to the office:

This week saw my return to the office, first time in over 18 months.
I admit to feeling quite nervous, I am out of practice with the commute 
and generally being in London.
I am pleased to say it was fine, my coach commute felt safe
(I had to pre-book my seat and there is plenty of spacing).
Once in the office they have gone above and beyond to make things feel
comfortable and reassuring. 

I'll be working 2 days in the office and 3 days at home for the next
couple of months and then it will possibly switch to more days in London.
It was incredibly nice to see colleagues again in real life instead of 
Zoom/Team calls.
Also whilst I've been away the loos have been redecorated
and the kitchen area seems ultra white and bright. 

If you've followed my blog for some time you'll know I work
in a very modern building.
I get to sit on the 12th floor, thankful for the lifts!

And that was my week, far more eventful than usual.
I hope you are all well and wishing you a lovely weekend.

Take care friends.

9 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you a lovely chat thank you.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

CraftyCoffey said...

Lovely photos and great to hear you enjoyed your day away. Good to hear that your return to the workplace was ok.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like your break was just the tonic you needed! and thank you for sharing your photographs. Pleased your return to the City has gone well. WakeyL

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine,
Sounds as though your holiday went very well, all places I love to visit. Such a shame you have to go back to work and go to London but it pays the bills of course!!
Have a good weekend xx

Margie said...

Sounds like a great break Christine leaving you refreshed and ready to face the daily commute once more. We're just back from a short break in Richmond which is a lovely area but it's all unpacking,washing and lawn cutting for us now. Pleased I ordered the charity kit while I was away. X

Littlelamb said...

Thank you for Friday Chat Day. Sounds like you had a good time away with your sister. Like the colours of the granny squares you have made. I have started another crocheted large granny square blanket and also been knitting diamond shapes for a patchwork blanket. Glad being back I. The office wasn’t so bad. Take care.

hazel young said...

Gorgeous photo's glad the weather was good to you and you had a fabulous time. Love the crocheting, fab colours. OMD's the poor charity and all the other poor people what an embarrassment. Glad the return to the office went well, very swanky looking kitchen area. Have a fab week keep safe xx

jdunkley said...

Thanks for the mention.
The wedding was such a lovely day, very warm (I now gave a red triangular sunburn on my chest and back!) and my kit arrived this morning.
Also Happy Pants is such a great charity that I support anyway. 😃

Maria said...

Hi Christine,
I have just ordered this charity kit so hoping you got one left.
The little house would look perfect with my Santa's x-mas deco.
in the living room.
Beautiful pictures from Devon, glad you had a nice time with your sister.x

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