Friday, 11 June 2021

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

Happy Friday!
Let's just say I truly appreciate a Friday now more than ever,
my work brain is a little frazzled by Friday afternoon.


Thank you for naming my Foxgloves last week.
They continue to flower in all their glory, the slugs/snails continue to feast!

As you all proved so adept in plant naming here's a new challenge.
This isn't in my garden, it is a crop growing in the field behind my parents' home.
It is normally seeded with  barley or rape, 
one year we had linseed which was beautiful with blue flowers.
This year it is this...

It has a rather pretty spotted flower.
Possibly some sort of bean?

And back in my garden my favourite - Clematis is showing off.
This variety is Sally - I bought this especially because it is my Mum's name.

Snow Queen is doing well (reminds me of Narnia).
Although once the flowers finish they look rather tatty,
not sure if I should be cutting those off.

My next purchase will be the Darcy variety - because it is one of my cat's names! 
All is equal in love - human and furry!

 My tomato plants are in and for the first time I am growing them at the front of 
my house, it is a real suntrap.  I'm sure they won't be offended by being placed 
by the wheelie bins! 


 I have been joining the squares to my Hello Autumn blanket in hot sunshine,
seasonally I'm all over the place.
Just a few more rows and I can start the border.
I took this photo in my sister's garden which is enormous.

She has a breeze hut/summer house and I sat here all day last Saturday
gazing out on an orchard, squirrels - ahh it was so peaceful and just 
the tonic I needed after a working week.  
Very grateful that I am able to visit.  


Netflix - Fargo
A unique set of characters deal with a plethora of crimes in different time periods. 
The only thing they share in common is their connection to the Midwest, USA.

Our super talented Martin Freeman stars in Season 1.
It's a little odd and I did struggle with the first half hour of the first episode
but then it takes off.  
They have a lot of snow in Minnesota! 
Quite a few seasons ahead with some big star names.

Gardeners' World

I've mentioned Gardeners' World before - I do love it.
I'm especially pleased that they have repeated a segment from last year,
visiting this lady who is addicted to growing Clematis.

Episode 8 at 21 minutes into the programme.
Her garden is my dream.

Charity Kit:

Another lovely response to this month's kit.
There's just one left - one little lonely kit! 

If you missed it, please visit the blog post here
Apologies to those who received the email and noticed I
had mistyped the price, it was because I duplicated last month's
email and hadn't had my first cup of tea! 

This weekend Mitchell and I are visiting my sister,
she has wi-fi problems so Mitchell is installing a new router.
I plan to wait in her gorgeous garden and do a little bit of crochet.

Not much progress with the conservatory at the moment,
I'm beginning to empty it and confess I hadn't realised how much
stuff I had squirreled away in the cupboards.
I'm wondering if we really need 20+ dinner plates?

No recipe!
Time and heat are against me in the kitchen,
I will get back to it soon.

Enjoy the wonderful sunshine and have a brilliant weekend everyone.
Take care.


CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up on all your news-the plants look fantastic and the crochet looks lovely too.


Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine and thank you for your chatty news. I'm guessing the crop is broad beans from your picture so perhaps a couple of free feeds coming your way??!! Your blanket is so pretty I really love the colours and sitting in such a garden is a great way to relax. Seems this weekend is going to be very hot so it will be a great spot for you to be. Enjoy xx

hazel young said...

Gorgeous flowers and garden Christine. My clematis haven't flowered yet but nasturtiums are beginning to bloom as well as my hardy gerberas. No tried this yet but just brought some soluable asprin to spray on tomatoes it increases the sweetness by 150% and vitamins by 50% apparently definitely worth a try 1 tablet dissolved in 1ltr water not sure when you are supposed to spray but i'm starting this tomorrow before the fruit come. I purchased a plant with one of my sons name its has gorgeous peach flowers, just need to get one for my other son now. They don't really get it but I like it. Gorgeous blanket coming along nicely. I love gardeners world and also watch beechgrove bbc scotland which is like a scottish version. My kit arrived quickly and well packed as usual. Thank you. Your weekend sounds perfect Christine enjoy! I made celeriac chips this week omg i'm converted tying to cut down on carbs. Have a great week stay safe xx

karenlotty said...

I love hearing what you’ve been up to I’ve been enjoying being able to sit outside and crochet/knit So relaxing We have decent garden furniture at last! Up until recently because our old furniture had died I’d be perched on a cushion on a low brick wall!
The crochet looks gorgeous I just don’t have the need to make blankets
The only tele I have really watched is TIME which started in BBC1 last Sunday Very good I can recommend it although it’s a bit gruesome in places
Take care Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts

Anonymous said...

I think you will find your picture is of a Broad Bean. said...

Morning Christine.
Thank you for the lovely chat, this is my
kind of weather it cannot be too warm.
Have a lovely time with your sister.
Take care and have fun, oh the little cards are beautiful.
Thank you Kitty.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine , my don’t these Fridays come round quickly, a bit like my kit which came on Wednesday . The flower is definitely a broad bean , best picked before they get too big , lovely and sweet . I love your crochet, proper little production line there . Have a lovely week xxx

Littlelamb said...

Thanks for the chatty post. Your sister’s garden looks lovely and so does your Autumn blanket. Your plants are also looking lovely. I haven’t been able to do anything in my garden. Been to have a CT scan today. Got to wait for results. That’s the part I don’t like. Managed to get my son to take me to Hobbycraft. . Got more yarn for my blanket. It is as wide as the double bed and comes up as far as the pillows so a bit more to do. Had some Hobbycraft vouchers to spend so hardly had to pay anything for the yarn as they were 3 for 2 and with one voucher that was 3 for 1. I had accumulated 5 vouchers and wanted to use them before they expired. Take care and have a lovely weekend.

Christine said...

Did you say you had a whole field of these plants!!!! Broad bean heaven... lol
I have managed a half dozen plants in my garden.
Love the colours in your blanket and can just imagine how wonderful it must be to sit and wait with just crochet to do....

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