Friday, 7 May 2021

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Happy Friday (or not so happy first thing here when realising 
Blogger had not published my updated post!)
I typed a super long FDD in my lunch hour yesterday
that has now disappeared. 
I'm thinking it was because I had it open on both my laptop downstairs and
PC upstairs that it chose to save and publish the wrong version - grhhh! 
So let's try again...

How was your Bank Holiday?
I must admit it did not feel like a Bank Holiday but I was grateful
for a longer weekend.

The Charity Kit sold out fast last Sunday, I do think the layered style 
of cards are more popular. What do you favour?

Please allow an extra day or two for them to arrive
because of the bank holiday.


Working full time seriously hampers crochet output!
I am pleased that I've managed to do all 64 squares of
the pattern testing project that I am doing -
Spiced Biscuits Blanket.

And the joining has begun...

There's a huge border to be added, 26 rounds and I need to have this done
by the 16th, I think I'll get there - nothing like having a deadline to 
get you into action.
I'm really happy with the colours - I see the ocean, sea foam,
Elliott announced 'they look like toothpaste colours!'

And the commission is finished, the one I called 'big and boring'.
Now it is finished I take that back, it's lovely, soft and squidgy.
Bella and the cats had their eyes on it as a nice bed so the photos
were quickly snapped before it was packaged up and sent off to its new home.

I used James C Brett Amazon Super Chunky - 14 balls in total with a 12mm hook.
I will be updating my Crochet page here on the blog shortly.


We have had some downpours this week and everything has had a growth spurt.
And look who is back - the squirrel has buried his afternoon snacks in my 
huge tree pots (thankfully those get covered in more plants come Summer)

He goes from pot to pot and then sits on the fence and nibbles his snack.
I know my neighbour find them a nuisance but I think adorable.
Bottoms up!


When I've sat down of an evening this week by constant viewing has been:

The Medici - Netflix
The struggles of the family who are the bankers to the Pope in the 1400s.

Three seasons to dive into.
So the Medici are real but the writers had a whale of a time embellishing
this I'm certain.  It is full of intrigue, murder, twists, gorgeous hair,
sumptuous gowns and I'm certain their teeth were never that white! 
That aside, I've found it wonderful viewing and the timeline is accurate,
the right people die at the right time! 
Dustin Hoffman stars in the first season along with Richard Madden -
Games of Thrones fame.

Other news:

I'm still being very cautious and not venturing very far at all.
My hermit status suits me, I've got very used to the food shop 
delivery once a week and walking Bella in my lunch break.
This is how she spends her afternoon whilst I'm back working -
she's not the most productive co-worker but I'm grateful for the company.

Elliott had his second vaccination this week and has been a little
poorly afterwards - the usual symptoms so I've been administering
motherly advice - plenty of fluids, paracetemol etc - he is picking up now.

And talking of poorly - so sorry to hear you are still in hospital Littlelamb,
I hope you will be home soon.

And I think that wraps up this week - sorry for the blogger mishap 
this morning.
I know my original post had a few more items but I'll save those for 
next week.

Take care friends, have a lovely weekend - let's hope it warms up.


hazel young said...

Hi Christine, lovely photos. I hope everything is ok your end sending hugs and prayers anyway. Take care stay safe xx said...

Morning Christine.
thank you, I hope all is well my card kit
arrived it is beautiful thank you.
Take care and stay safe Kitty. said...

Hello again Christine.
Thank you a lovely chat.
I hope Elliott is feeling better soon.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

Margie said...

Hi Christine, the blanket squares look beautiful, really lovely colours but oh, how I like the look of the big chunky blanket and can't wait to see more details on your page. I think I could just about manage a simple pattern like that in chunky wool! Enjoy your weekend - looks like Bella is already chilling! xxx

Jackie Durrant said...

Hello Christine, you've certainly had a busy week with your crochet but I love the colours of your squares so it will be interesting to see it finished. You were lucky to be able to photograph the squirrel so as long as no damage is done he should be encouraged to visit you. I hope Elliot is feeling better now, seems it is pot luck whether you are affected or not.
Have a good weekend - though the forecast is for lots of rain here xx

karenlotty said...

Great chat I love the crochet and look forward to seeing your blog updated You must be spending a fortune on yarn!
I hope ELLIOTT is feeling better The second one really mucked up my diabetes for a few days
Can’t watch Medici- don’t have Netflix but I’m enjoying any tele at the moment What did you think of the ending to Line of Duty?
Bella is obviously hard at work!
How’s MITCHELL’s new job going?
Take care

karenlotty said...

PS Unless the card can be hand delivered I tend to make fairly flat cards these days for posting

Littlelamb said...

Sorry I am late commentating but yesterday I was finally discharged from hospital so was a busy day. I am staying at my son’s to further my
progress. Wasn’t long before OT and physio arrived to assess me. So day went very quickly. Love the crochet squares. Love to see it all finished. Hope Elliott is ok now. I missed my appointment for second one being in hospital so will have to sort that out when I am more mobile. It seems some people are affected by it and some not. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Very wet at moment. Take care and stay safe.

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