Friday, 20 November 2020

Friday Chat Day

 Hello friends

How you are all? And how has your week been?

Thanks for stopping by and let's get the nattering started...


Apple and Coconut Cake

I noticed I had apples going a little soft in my fruit bowl hence this cake.
Definitely worth cutting the apples into quite large pieces, it makes a nice texture.

175g softened butter, 175g sugar, 225g SR flour,
1tsp baking powder, 2 eggs beaten, 1tsp vanilla extract,
½ tsp cinnamon, 50ml Greek yoghurt, 75g dessicated coconut,
2-3 eating apples, peeled, cored and diced.
Preheat oven to 180C. Grease and line a large loaf tin or 8” round tin.
Using a mixer/whisk, cream butter and sugar and vanilla extract.
Add eggs gradually (add a little of the flour to prevent 
curdling if needed).
Fold in flour, baking powder, cinnamon and yoghurt.
Add apple and coconut – mix well.

Spoon into tin and level. Bake for 60 minutes, 
check with skewer (if clean when inserted then it is done).
Leave in tin for 10 minutes before turning out to cool on wire rack. 
Delicious warm with custard or cream and also yummy cold. 

Please click here for the printable.


Vintage/Winter Harmony Blanket
The joining has commenced, I think I have now mastered the 'join as you go' method,
it's only taken three blankets to work it out and not keep checking the pattern! 
Each time I make one of these blankets they become my favourite,
so many colourways work so well.

And this is my crochet trolley.  Invaluable when I'm organising squares,
that's the same blanket just the other end.
It enables me to file everything, out of the way of little paws!

The 'Crochet' lettering is from The Label Lady - 
if you like customising items her website is a delight.
The drawing of Bella is from the fabulous Lisa Galley Illustrations.


I treated myself recently to two books.
I normally have a couple of books on the go, fiction and non-fiction.

Carole's follow up to Happiness for Beginners, just look at that gorgeous cover!
Christmas for Beginners - a delve back into humour and naughty animals.

Nala's World - having discovered Dean and Nala (1Bike1World) on Instagram
some time ago I couldn't resist reading much more.

The Crown - Netflix

I eagerly anticipated Season 4 of the Crown having enjoyed all the previous
seasons immensely, this new season brings us to the 1980's - 
Margaret Thatcher, Lady Diana et all.
And now I'm watching it I confess to feeling a little uncomfortable.
I remember the events they are depicting so be shown a possible 
(and let's remember fictional) alternative is somewhat discombobulating.  
Like many, I wonder if the Royal Family tune in,
if they do how uncomfortable must they be feeling?
I also can't help running the word 'treason' through my mind! 
Be interested to know what others think.

My ornamental pear tree...

The leaves are turning, I know it isn't massively impressive but please
bear with me - my excitement over such a little tree, 
I've never owned trees before.

And finally here's the pooch, she has now come to expect a chair in the 
kitchen whilst I'm cooking.  And of course I pander to all her needs!

Big thanks to all those who have asked after my Mum,
she is beginning to improve, she's made her Christmas cake and 
repotting her Amaryllis bulbs this week - all good signs.

And finally, I'm not working from home today - I've taken the day off to celebrate 
my birthday although lockdown birthdays are very low key,
PJ's and takeaway!  I truly do not mind - always better to be safe.

Take lots of care friends and have a lovely weekend.

10 comments: said...

Morning Christine.
Happy Birthday have a great day.
So very happy to read your Mum is up and about.
Thank you for the apple cake recipe it sounds delicious.
I too have watched the crown I cannot believe what they get away withor, is
there a very good element of truth in it?.
A lovely Bella fix thank you.
Take care stay safe and have fun Kitty.

hazel young said...

Happy Birthday, your day sounds perfect pj's and takeaway. Enjoy xx Thank you for the recipe, it sound delicious and I have lots of apples from my tree, so win win. Your blanket is looking great and im in love with your organised trolley. I've not watched the crown, but have heard similar reviews about it. Your tree is looking great and a lovely photo of Bella too. Good to hear your mum is getting to do things she enjoys and is doing well. Take care stay safe and enjoy your day xx Hazel

Magzeeann said...

Happy birthday Christine ~ a pj day sounds a perfect way to spend it, especially during lockdown! Enjoy!!
Hugs, Maggie xx

karenlotty said...

Happy Birthday and that sounds like my kinda celebration!
Good to hear that your mum is in the mend
I don’t have Netflix I am intrigued by the trailers
Recipe looks very tasty and so does the blanket!
Of course Bella needs to supervise She looks very cute on her chair Very King of the Castle - quite rightly
Have a good week x

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and although the normal celebrations are postponed enjoy your day. Lovely news that your Mum is continuing to improve. Lovely chat (as always). WakeyL

Margie said...

Great chat again today Christine - the weeks just seem to be flying over! Hope you enjoy your lockdown birthday - strange isn't it? Never mind, hopefully better times on the horizon for us all. Your cake looks lovely by the way - no wonder Bella sits watching, hopefully a little piece will fall her way. xxx

CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up on all your news, so glad to hear your Mum is improving.


Anne said...

Happy Birthday Christine
Enjoy your lockdown Birthday 🎁. It’s a bit unreal ! My family presented me with a T-shirt suitably worded (Designed and printed by daughter) on my lockdown Birthday , just in case l forgot 2020 😂.
I really look forward to Friday’s chats . Glad to hear that your mum is doing well.
Best wishes to all from a wet and windy Donegal ☘️
Anne mc

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine so nice to hear all your news. The colours in your blanket work so well together but sewing them all into one piece must take forever!! It's nice to see the turning leaves even if it is only a small tree and can't compete withe American fall. It's the little things that keep us going after all. I hope you have had a lovely day and warm apple cake and custard with Bella and Netflix sounds like a suitable present to yourself. Have a nice weekend xx

Di said...

Happy Birthday Christine! And as always I loved your Friday post. Bella is so cute on her chair! And good news about your Mum as well.

Love, Di xx

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