Friday, 18 September 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Happy Friday and hope you are all doing ok.
Marvelous weather this week if not a little strange, falling Autumn leaves 
and blistering hot sun.  Taking advantage of this hot spell meant 
venturing out with Bella, she has her own car seat up front with the driver.
Not so sure the boys are impressed sitting in the back!

I'm back on track this week with my nattering, here goes...


I call this Ugly Mug Cake, it's not the prettiest of cakes but it is perfect
if you fancy a speedy treat.  All done in the microwave so you don't even 
have to put the oven on.

50g dark chocolate, 25g butter,
1 egg (beaten), 25g sugar, 25g plain flour,
¼ tsp baking powder, 30g cherries

Place chocolate and butter into a bowl,
microwave until chocolate has melted.
Add egg and sugar, mix.
Add flour, baking powder and cherries, fold until smooth.
Grease a large mug with butter, spoon mixture in.
Cover with cling film and heat for 1½ minutes.
Remove cling film and heat for a further 30 seconds or until risen, cooked through. 
Serve with cherries.

It is a little more like a chocolate steam pud consistency. 
I use frozen cherries but you could use blueberries, orange zest,
whatever you prefer.

The printable is available here.


Whilst I was in the midst of making the Harmony Blanket I was also
making another batch of squares for the Summer Harmony - same design but
using the brighter colours as a wash from warm to cool.
I completed all 100 of them.  
I love this stage, they are all organised and filed in their wallets,
it appeals to the over organised part of my brain! 
 I use CD wallets with labels inside and found this to be the best way for me.
I was actually a little reluctant to start the joining as I just enjoy looking
at them in rows like this!

But I did start the joining and this little 'helper' was quick to appear.

The original Harmony Blanket uses one colour to join all squares, 
this version uses a different colour to join each square
which enhances that colour wash theme.

As mentioned, I'm fully converted to granny squares now
and I think Darcy cat approves.


Flowers are still blooming and Bella is still basking in the sunshine.
This rose bush has been a real feature this year,
first rose I've ever owned and it hasn't let me down.
A  flouncy open rose - Bonica Bush Rose Floribunda.

And I'm thrilled with this - a new clematis has flowered and the 
heads are huge.  This is Snow Queen.

And this was a real surprise. I bought some Gerbera plug plants online
months ago and they looked tiny and sad in my back garden so I put 
them out the front.
I don't have a front garden, just a small concreted space for the the bins and gas box. 
It gets very hot out there and Gerberas obviously like that.
So here they are doing their showy thing.
I was tempted to cut them but no, they make me smile each time I arrive home 
and glance over the wheelie bins! 

And of an evening I sit outside and try to hide from this one - doesn't work!


It has been a bit of a Netflix week.
Netflix - Young Wallander

Well, I'm not so sure about this one, I really liked Kenneth Branagh 
playing Kurt Wallander. I stuck with it and watched the full season but
not so sure I'm eager for a second.

Netflix - The Fall

I watched this when first released but realised I had forgotten a lot of it
and importantly, how it ended so I decided to watch it again.
Oh my it is gripping. Perhaps don't watch just before bedtime!

And that rounds up my week again.
Hope you are all coping in these uncertain times.
I admit to cocooning myself and family - 
staying in our own safe space and keeping occupied by hobbies and routine.   
Checking in on the news once a day otherwise I feel it is overwhelming.
We each have different ways of dealing with the here and now,
so if you need to rush off and make an Ugly Mug Cake...
that's entirely normal! 

Take care friends - have a lovely weekend.


hazel young said...

Happy Friday Christine, ooh a one person cake recipe perfect. TFS. I love your organised crochet squares ab=nd the blanket looks like it's really coming together, beautiful colours. Your flowers are looking fabulous. My gerbera's are having a second flowering at present which is lovely. Have a great week keep safe and hoping your mum is still on the mend xx Hazel said...

Morning Christine.
Another lovely chat thank you.
I live on my own so I shall try the mug cake.
Wow you are organised with you little squares the blankets are very pretty too.
I also watched the fall it was very good.
I hope your Mum is getting better with this lovely bit of sunshine.
Take care stay safe and have fun Kitty.

CraftyCoffey said...

Great catch up from you. The Crochet looks good & your plants are all looking great. Hope your Mum is doing ok.


karenlotty said...

Love the chat OH has just started baking (after 40 odd years of marriage) I think he’ll like this recipe
Your crochet looks amazing What a great way to organise the squares I’m just thinking of all of those ends to sew in or can you crochet them in as you go along
The garden (and Bella) look very pretty
Take care and yes hope your mum is ok and that Elliott is settling ok in his flat

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, never tried to cook a mug cake. Looked at the print recipe for the microwave power level but could not see it, as microwaves differ. We too are not sure about the new Young Wallander and like you loved Kenneth Branagh, but we've not got to the end of the first series yet. Love how Bella has her own seat. Have a great week.WakeyL

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine, glad to see you are keeping busy and not missing Elliott too much. The mug cake sounds delicious but that means I have to go and buy CHOCOLATE!! We'll see. The garden is looking lovely and these past few days of sunny weather have made quite a difference. My geraniums are flowering and flowering. I've been out this morning deadheading chrysanthemums but it is very windy. Soon be time to snuggle up in one of your crochet blankets, the colours of this one one are lovely and I'm sure putting it together has been made easier with your "filing system" Enjoy the weekend, love from Jackie xx

Littlelamb said...

Lovely chat on a Friday. Always look forward to reading it. Your mug cake sounds a good idea but couldn’t use the chocolate. Will look for a different recipe. Love the granny squares for your blanket. Will be gorgeous when finished. Flowers look good. I have only got fushia out now, but very pretty colours. Hope your mum is getting on ok. Not too breezy here and have been for a walk around a nearby lake which is very pretty with lots of swans, geese, ducks etc.,only takes 5mins to walk there. It’s very peaceful. Have a good week.

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