Friday, 21 August 2020

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

How are you?  Grateful for the cooler weather?
The rain was welcome but perhaps not in the sudden deluges.
Some big and sudden news in the Emberson household this week,
details below.  Let's start first with regular bits and bobs.


 Yes, this week I have a recipe.
In fact it is a 'no-cook' recipe so I could have shared it last week
in the blistering heat but never mind, it could have proved to be molten chocolate.

This is 'Beryl's Biscuit Chocolate Cake'
It is very chocolatey, delicious and easy to make.
'Beryl' was a very dear lady. I was going through my recipe cuttings book
and found where I had written out this recipe on an index card,
it would have been in the 1980's,
with an ink pen no less - so there's smudges!

4oz butter/margarine, 1oz caster sugar,
1tbsp golden syrup, 3 level tbsps. Cocoa,
½lb digestives, bar of chocolate

Place into a saucepan the butter, sugar and
golden syrup, heat until melted.
Place digestives into a bag and crush to crumbs,
mix into the saucepan and add cocoa.
Place mixture into a greased sandwich tin,
put in fridge until set.
Melt a bar of chocolate – bain marie or place in microwave
with butter so it melts correctly. (I use a large bar of Bournville).
Spread over the set biscuit base, pop back in fridge again.
1-2 hours later, if you can wait that long, cut with a sharp knife.
Perfect with a huge mug of tea!

The printable is available here.
I have also sorted all the recipe links at the top of the blog,
pesky Blogger had deleted them all, fingers crossed they stay put.

Out and About:

 Not real going out as still being as cautious as possible.
Elliott and I walk Bella each evening and we visited Windmill Hill again this week.
It is an uphill climb, the view is lovely - that is the River Thames in the distance.
There has been a lot cruise ships moored there with nowhere to go.

I say 'view' this is my view as I sit on the bench - the back of Bella's head!


Do you like this new climbing plant?
Darcy cat investigating the trellis, not sure it is robust enough for cat climbing
but she's doing her upmost to investigate.

Did I mention how much I love Clematis?
I have discovered a brilliant online store for them - 
I ordered some and they arrived in perfect condition
and well established, they are all 2+ years old.
I definitely recommend them.

This variety is 'Sally' growing wonderfully in a corner of my garden,
I could not resist this one as it is my Mum's name.

And another tree! 
An ornamental pear, awaiting a very large tub to be delivered to
pot and position him.
I need another plaque but I need to name him first.
The variety is Pyrus Chanticleer - that doesn't really lend itself to 
a sweet name does it? Open to suggestions please.


Slower progress this week on the crochet front,
I am working on squares for the Summer Harmony blanket,
this is my filing system in my trolley.
When they outgrow the little wallets I tie them with lengths of yarn
from those wound balls in the background.
I went from not liking granny squares to absolutely loving them,
I really enjoy following the colour sequences of these.


The Secret World of Your Rubbish - Channel 5

All episodes available on their catch up service.
Documentary about people working in the front line of waste management.
This statistic is literally food for thought...
as a nation we throw away 24 million slices of bread every day!
This series, not something I would normally watch, has certainly opened my eyes,
it is a very worrying thought what the future holds,
there is only so much landfill we can use.
There is also good news, interesting to see how plastic is recycled and
how you dispose of a Boeing 747! 

The Boys - Amazon Prime

What happens when Superheroes go rogue?
A mix of humour, drama, voilence, occasionally a little bit silly
(they've got a New Zealander playing a British guy?) but overall good.

And the news I mentioned at the top of the blog...
a milestone.
Elliott is moving into his own flat! 
I am so proud of him, he has done brilliantly with his job, 
diligently working from home during the pandemic.  
He has been looking for a little flat near to his work and one 
popped up, it was a quick viewing and an even quicker decision made
as lots of people wanted it.
It is in a very nice area, a modern building, he is on the top floor.

He collects the keys this weekend, we are donning paint brushes 
for a couple of days and then full steam ahead moving him in.
It is also Elliott's birthday next week so the timing is perfect.
I keep smiling at his address: 
Unicorn Walk, cute but not manly, apparently haha.

And that is my week - I truly hope yours has been good to you
and wishing you an even better weekend.

Take care friends.


hazel young said...

We have only has one day of rain and it wasn't a thunderstorm just rained all day and didn;t even cool down. I was rather disappointed as was looking forward to a good thunderstorm to clear the air. Recipe sounds nice I may try it out, thank you. Lovely view on your walk. Loving spider cat lol, hope the trellis holds up. Love the clematis and so lovely to get one named after your mum. I recently got plants named after my sons, they were not impressed but I liked the gesture and it is something I wanted to do. Percy pear is all I came up with for the pear tree I am sure you will get some better suggestions. Love the colours of your crochet squares, very colourful and just waiting for Autumn to snuggle into. I do normally watch programmes about rubbish but I haven't watched this yet i may do now after your recommendation. Congrats to Elliott on both his birthday and his new home. I love the address name too. Hoping the move all goes smoothly. Take care have a great week xx Hazel

CraftyCoffey said...

Great to catch up on all your news. Garden is looking great, hope the trellis survives!

Fantastic news about Elliott & his own flat. Good luck with the decorating. All the best to him when he moves in and hope he has a great birthday.

Michele said...

Morning Christine.
Good luck to Elliott in his new home, best wishes to you Mum.
Your garden is blooming along nicely.
Thank you for the recipe I also add some dried fruit.
Thank you for the chat stay safe, it is very windy today.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

jdunkley said...

Good morning Christine. A lovely read as always. I think that the pear tree looks like a Percy!?!
Good luck to Elliott in his new flat, it looks very nice. I bet he will be back for a roast though 🙂

Carolyn said...

Good morning Christine , wow these weeks go by so quickly ( good job ). Soon be time for another charity kit and I haven’t done the last one yet, had a rush on Birthday cards. I don’t think I will ever get my craft room sorted. The trouble is I have too much that I don’t use any more but that is to good to throw away. I have also been busy making masks and trying to keep on top of the gardening. My sunflowers are over six feet tall, had to stake them this morning as the wind is very blustery, should dry the washing quickly . You must feel very proud of Elliott, tinged with a hint of sadness , but it is a sign of a good mother to be able to let him go , you will miss him , but if you let them go freely they will be back often and still call your house home . 😘xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Christine & et al. What news - congratulations firstly to Elliott (love the address) may you be very happy in your first new home of your own. Your recipes sound delicious but would not be good for my cholesterol levels which I need checking so I'll have to wait until after this before I go to choc heaven. My name for your pear tree is Goldie - like the nursery rhyme 'I had a little nut tree'. Fond wishes to all - WakeyL

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine, what a busy week. I love the clematis you have bought so I hope the flowers bloom freely for a long time. Looking at the name of your pear tree perhaps it should be something like the singing pear. I'm sure you are delighted and sad in equal measures that Elliott has found a new home but you must feel so proud. I love the address but I don't think he will want lots of unicorn home decor pieces!! I wish him well for his new adventure and for a happy birthday. At least you've still got Mitchell to clear up after!! Enjoy the painting, Jackie xx

karenlotty said...

Lovely chat Christine You have some wonderful views on your walks with Bella The recipe made me smile OH for the first time ever looked at a recipe book for ideas to make cakes and came across one for no bake biscuits very similar to yours! He doesn’t bake AT ALL but fancied having a go at this
The cat may well come a cropper! The pear tree looks amazing How long will it take to bear fruit? Or is it not that kind of pear tree 🤭
Congratulations to Elliott That was quick or has it been brewing for a while You’ll miss him for a while but will then love the space
Take care

christi said...

i think PC is a good name for the tree. hb to elliot. now he will have his own list of chores to keep up with. looks like he will have a nice view and close to work is good, when people go back to a physical location. the furry growing vine is adorable. have a great week. i tried to figure out your recipe but too many things that have a different name on this side of the pond. have a great week. looking forward to next weeks post.

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, Wow !! Congratulations to Elliot, firstly congratulations on his upcoming Birthday and secondly congratulations on moving into his own flat, fabulous news although you will miss him won't you.
Your clematis looks gorgeous, you are getting into a brilliant gardener.
Lovely view you had there, even with Bella's head in the view haha.
Have a lovely weekend, stay safe, stay well.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Littlelamb said...

Thanks for all the news. Sorry didn’t get here Friday but sometimes Google will let me comment other times it won’t. Friday was one of those days now today it will let me. Congratulations to Elliott. Hope all goes well and Happy Birthday to him. All your plants are looking good. Love the colours of your blanket. I must start mine again soon before I forget how to crochet. Take care.

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