Friday, 1 November 2019

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Happy Friday to you and did you get through Halloween unscathed?
I'm not a fan of Halloween although I do think it is very cute
to see the little ones dressed up and the amazing creativity with pumpkins.

It's November! 
I feel we are officially allowed to think about Christmas,
it is only 7 more Friday Chat Days until the big day.
Time to dig out those hats and mittens too.

I am a big fan of Autumn and the changing colours and this week
I met my sister and her rescue dog Bear at the park,
Bella came too! 

It was a beautiful day, bit muddy but that didn't matter.
We stopped for a little sit down on a bench and the dogs
seemed happy for the rest too.

And this is Bella on her journey home in her new car seat.
I have been looking for a seat where she is able to 
look out the car window.  This one from Amazon is elevated and 
secures with lots of straps 
around the headrest and seat, also clips into the seat belt.
A choice of fixing it to front or back seat 
(she's obviously riding up front with me so she can hear me sing!)
Bella is also harnessed in so all in all she's very safe.
I'm voting this as a success.

Okay that is quite enough of that pooch!

I have finally finished another big and mustard throw and instantly 
ordered some grey yarn to make another one - I'm addicted! 

Also in the making is a Bella jumper but that is being undone as
turned out too small and considered it too cruel to put her on a diet.  
I did also crochet a cowl this week,
they are nice speedy projects (not the dog jumper, that's taking too long!)

I've become slightly obsessed with Etsy.
I blame my commute to work as often I get stuck on a coach for hours
and start browsing.
This week's purchase is a handmade project bag 
from the lovely Gilly Makes. 
Perfect for transporting WIPs or even as a lunch bag.
I asked her if she had any fabric with hares and she instantly obliged.  
You can find her Etsy page here.


So what else has been happening?
Still winding up the website, every week there's an offer so please
look out on Facebook for that or subscribe to the newsletter.
Also lots of pre-loved still being added. 

And now for something else.
Ummed and ahhed about talking about this but decided yes, here goes.

I haven't been on Facebook very much recently as I've been somewhat 
bombarded with messages demanding to know what I'm doing.
Yes demanding. 

It is a funny business nowadays with this social media malarkey
and especially in the craft industry.
I guess once you've put yourself in the public eye, share certain areas of your life
people feel they have rights to know what you are doing.  
Anyone else had this experience?

I'm just little ol' me with zero claim to fame and yet it has felt 
very intense over the last month or so.  I feel very sorry for famous people.

Just some of the comments/messages I've received - they state I need to be 'transparent',
I 'owe it to them' and top message this week was from someone saying that 
by my not responding, I am impacting upon their mental health!! 
(Yes, deserves two exclamation marks).

I cannot help but think these people are on a fishing expedition,
they will run back and post details on various Facebook pages and/or
forums because they thrive on gossip. I cannot believe I'm actually 
gossip worthy! 

What I am certain of is that 'these people' expect instant responses so they 
probably won't be reading this.  They will have had to make the effort
of getting through the Bella news and crochet! 

But for you, my friends who take the time to visit and read all my waffle,
I'm happy to tell you the following - I'm up to very little and loving it! 
I'm still working at my city job 2 days a week.
Hope and Chances is closing at the end of the year
(and not reopening as another business - I've been accused of that). 
I am still with Spellbinders, I am not moving to another craft company,
(someone has actually messaged me with details of a company I am moving to!
Total fantasy. 

I'm taking time out, I am enjoying activities with my 
family, seeing friends, trying out new hobbies, 
getting round to all those jobs that have been on hold for years.
And writing this weekly blog post which is a bit of fun,
a diary for me and hopefully a nice chat.

So there you go, it has all been a bit of a kerfuffle
and hoping it will go quiet soon.

This weekend - I'm heading up to London to see
the theatre production of Mary Poppins - very excited about that.
I'll share a review next week.  As for TV - finished Outlander on Prime. 
I was thinking it was the last season only to discover there's another 
one next year.
A bit more 'wee' and 'sasannach' - I think I'll cope! 

Take care friends and hope you can stop by next week.
Have a super weekend.

11 comments: said...

Good Morning Christine.
Thank you for the lovely chat page.
Yes now we can start on Christmas.
Bella looks so proud and, cheeky.
Christine some people have nothing better to do than tittle tattle.
I shall be so sorry to see the end of your little shop.
Your crocheting is so pretty too.
I love all your little snippets of life, thank you.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine,
I thoroughly enjoyed your 'chat' this morning. Some people are absolutely horrid, I was always brought up that 'if you have nothing good to say, then don't say anything at all', but with the rise of 'social media' I think it has given a platform to all these horrid people who seem to enjoy bullying. You only have to read of the female politicians and what they are having to put up with, I'm afraid for how things are going in this world.
On a happier note, I'm loving your mustard throw, and looking at that 'fabulous' hare bag, it looks like your grey one is well on the way too !!
What a fantastic day Bear and Bella seem to have had in the park, I was amazed to hear of Bella's car seat, what a fabulous idea, I see she was sat in a towel too, muddy eh haha.
I have still to watch the latest series of Outlander, and I'm so happy that there will be another series next year too, yippeeeeeee !!
Enjoy your theatre trip to watch Mary Poppins.
I hope your Mum is still improving.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, I look forward to your 'weekly chat session' (although I miss it being daily if I'm being honest) but still appreciate that you take time to produce a weekly post. I'm not a FB person and reading the above this week makes me thankful that I'm not on this platform although unlike you I'm a nobody anyway so I wouldn't get the type of messages you have received. I suspect being seen on a craft channel gives you some notoriety. I don't hear many positive comments about it and it's a shame that a lot of 'good' craft demonstrators/designers are only using this platform to post updates. Anyway I digress...... your throw is really lovely and you should be very proud. It will look lovely in grey. There is a time in life when everyone needs 'time out' so enjoy it and recharge your batteries ready for the next adventure. Hoping all the family are well. WakeyL

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine,
What a lovely chatty newsletter today. It is a very ad wold we live in today with the indiscriminate use of social media. So many folk lead such insular lives leading to the fantasy worlds. The sale of mum's house was completed last Friday so I am now visiting the care home on a day trip on the train. Virtually everyone on the journey yesterday had their eyes glued to their phones. No interaction with anyone else at all. I have to think I'm glad I'm of a different generation!!
But on a happier note I just love the car seat you have bought for Bella. I didn't know you could get dog car seats but this seems a great idea. I'm also very impressed by your crochet and the mustard throw is a lovely colour.
I have to applaud your courage in taking a new route in life. Things can become stale and a different avenue can make a tremendous difference. I have to watch what I say here as I should follow my own advice. It may just be that I've had a particularly stressful year but i am thinking I may give up my craft club next year though keep on with the Over 50s club. December 2020 is the next big birthday with an 0 and by then I will have been running this club for 17 years. I'm not enjoying it so much but it may just bee the time pressures of getting workshops organised and trying to always be one step ahead. I will have to make a decision before too long. In the meantime keep going!!
Have a great weekend and enjoy Mary Poppins. Its a while ago now but I saw it on Broadway on an overnight stay during a cruise down the east coast of America and it was so good, best wishes Jackie xx

Littlelamb said...

Love Fridays and reading your blog. I don’t like facebook either and try to avoid. Some nasty people on there. Unfortunately sometimes it’s the only way of accessing some sites. Love your throw. The grey one looks nice as well and do like the bag. My blanket is getting bigger but yesterday saw some more yarn that would go with it very nicely so now have three more balls of yarn to use. It will fit my bed soon. I shall just keep going.😀. Good idea Bella’s car seat. I am sure she enjoys it. Enjoy your weekend.

karenlotty said...

It is lovely to read about your week and in my opinion don’t feel obliged to do it week in week out! I don’t do FB very often for some of the same reasons as you
Bella looked very comfortable in her new car seat It is a necessity (in my opinion again) that dogs are harnessed in Just think if there is an accident (god forbid) and a dog is loose in a car and then creating mayhem running around on the road
Love the blanket and new bag I am still crocheting amigurami animals working through the alphabet I need to hoik out my “mile a minute” blanket and finish that!
Have a good week x

Ann said...

Hi Christine

So lovely to see you out and about meeting up with your Sister and the doggies all having a
nice walk in the park.
The Car Seat is fab. she looks the business sat there she is so cute.
Your Crochet is amazing I do a little but not dared to follow a pattern yet one day...…
Sorry to hear about your facebook experience why do people do this??? I don't do facebook
it scares me. Hope it soon stops you are a lovely kind and thoughtful person and do not
deserve this.
Just carry on enjoying new crafts and doing things with Family it is lovely for us to share
your stories and pictures.
Enjoy your trip to London and the Theatre have a really nice weekend

Luv n Hugs Annxx

hazel young said...

Arh Bella looks so cute in her seat, Your blanket is gorgeous, I have been thinking about making myself one. Christine could you tell me which yarn you have used and colour please. OMD's Facebook I don't use it anymore, so sad to hear you are receiving messages like that. Hopefully they will get bored soon and move on. Glad to hear you are enjoying your new found freedom. Have a great week hoping the fireworks won't be too scary for Bella and the cats xx Hazel

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
So sorry you’ve had to read comments like that, I think it’s disgraceful that people think they have the right to be so nosey..
I’m glad you are having a good rest, you always seemed to be on the go. It’s lovely that you are taking time out to enjoy life, I think we all need to stop and take stock sometimes.
Bella is looking beautiful as ever and your crochet projects are fabulous.
Have a lovely time at the Theatre. We are going to the races at Newmarket tomorrow and I think it’s going to be raining for most of the day. I’ve bought a new dress and everything lol.
Love to you and your family
Chris xx

margaret driscoll said...

Hello Christine
I hope you and the family (including Mum &Dad) are well.
I had an email from Carole to say new book is imminent ( Hoorah)
Glad you still enjoy life!
Computer was dead for 4 days so here is hoping !
I don't like Halloween either !
Anyway take care
Love Marg

bee said...

Enjoyed your chatty blog, Facebook can be a very unpleasant place there seem to be no check and balances in place, I came off over 6 months ago it was the best thing I did for me. My main reason for commenting here was to thank you for my order received today and my lovely gift so kind of you I was unable to find a place to leave a message on your website. All the best Bee

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