Friday, 27 September 2019

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Well what a week! 

Following my announcement last Friday that I will be closing Hope and Chances
at the end of this year, I've received many wonderful supportive messages - 
thank you so much, it has made me feel much much better.
I am busy between now and 31 December organising the 
selling of stock and making the cabin into something a little different.
I may stop for Christmas though!

I did don my crafting hat to create this project for 
Scrapbook Adhesives, it features these cute mini mason jars.
The full tutorial is here if you fancy a peek.

I purchased the jars in Home Bargains - do you have one near you?
My closest one is at Lakeside so I have to venture through the 
Dartford Tunnel but it is worth it!  
There's lots of wondrous assorted things in there - I came home with 
these jars, a towel rail, dog food, a notebook and Elbow Grease!
(Digressing...Elbow Grease is amazing for UPVC and only 99p a bottle).

I don't actually own this many bottles, well ...not quite!

This week I treated myself to a trip to the cinema to see Downton Abbey.
I wasn't disappointed, it was charming and felt so nice to be revisiting 
all the characters.  I'm a huge fan of Downton, I eagerly awaited
every episode on a Sunday evening and then purchased all the DVDs,
I still watch them on a loop when cooking.

Julian Fellows will be bringing Belgravia to TV soon,
I have the book and keep meaning to read it beforehand.
I'm confident it will be just as good  but I think I'll always 
have a fondness for Downton. 

This week saw a real change in the weather here in Kent.
This is my commuter coach stop within walking distance of my home.
If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I post a photo 
every Thursday of this spot as I'm waiting at 6.45am (ish).
I find it interesting to see the different skies and the plants growing.
(Not so sure everyone else does but I do like sharing!)

This means Autumn has arrived, a chance to bring out the warmer clothes.
I put last year's work trousers on and they are a little snug so I perhaps
overdid salads in the summer! 
Pleased to report my boots fit just fine! 

Crochet/Knitting update:

I'm creating another mustard throw.  I've realised that when you have
left over yarn you start another project and then realise you need a couple more balls,
so you buy more, realise you've over bought and then have leftover yarn - 
it's a yarn conspiracy! 

I'm also working on a poncho!

 I haven't worn a poncho since
circa 1970 and I think it was very much like one of these!
I feel it is time for another one but perhaps a little more sedate.
I'll be sharing it with you soon.

This weekend I'm kidnapping Elliott to help me sort the cabin
a little bit more and meeting up with a friend for coffee.
Remember to keep an eye on the website for bargains.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,
thank you again for your kindness and for stopping by to read
by weekly ramblings.


hazel young said...

Love the mason jars, Christine it's such a lovely little gift idea. I love home bargains, I was already planning a trip so will look out for the mason jars when I go. I use elbow grease great product. Glad to hear your boots still fit lol, mine do too. The mustard throw is gorgeous. It's very true about the leftover wool lol. Why not make some crochet flowers with the leftovers instead. Looking forward to seeing your poncho. Have a great week xx hazel

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Lovely catch up this morning it's nice to hear your news.
Looks like it's all change for you now.

margaret driscoll said...

Hello Christine
Nice to here all is well with you and the boys!
The weather has changed but the weeds still grow, so still pulling them in between the showers!
Good luck with the clear out, lots to sale no doubt !
Love the colour of the blanket and love to see the Poncho!
Take care
Love Marg

Littlelamb said...

Brilliant idea and may do some of these for friends at Christmas. Nice little extra gift. Love the blanket. Mine is a very large Granny Square and I just get another ball of yarn and keep going round until I haven’t enough yarn to go round again. I shall make flowers with the leftovers and randomly put on the blanket. That’s the idea in my head at the moment. Like the look of the poncho. Will be interested to see what pattern you choose to do. Hope the weekend isn’t too busy for you.

tombecca said...

Hi Christine I haven't seen your last news letter so just read your news sorry to see your no longer running the shop you will be greatly missed. I wish you All The Best For The Future! New beginnings, new direction and new choices good luck. You brought back memories with the Ponchos date spot on 1970 I had a red and black poncho, black fringing and it had like a lace up detail up the front neckline It was from a boutique expensive I walked passed it loads of times and i kept telling my mum I loved it. I was so lucky my mum bought me the red matching mini skirt with like a fake leather detail in black and gold coloured disc with chain on each side and also the red trousers I felt like I was the Bees Knees! Lol :) . I love the mason jar favors great idea for Christmas. Best wishes

karenlotty said...

A lovely newsletter
Good luck with kidnapping Elliott
I made a beautiful open work poncho about 10 years ago (which wasn’t that long ago in the poncho world) for my daughter It was a Rowan pattern and was meant to be a swimsuit cover up
I haven’t explained that very well!
Take care xx said...

Hi Christine.
Thank you for the chat update.
So nice to read all is well.
I too knitted a poncho many years ago, and coloured socks with the toes in.
My daughter who is now fifty two was talking about them only the other day.
Have lots of fun this weekend, don't do what I do, start off with good intentions
and end up crafting.
Take care Kitty.

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, A lovely post and lovely piccies.
I'm especially interested in the 'Elbow Grease' from Home Bargains, I have one in the mall near me which I walk to every day. You say it is good for UPVC, can I ask does it get marks off white UPVC, my outside window sills are full of brown insect marks and no amount of rubbing with flash water will shift them ??
With your crochet wool you will have to keep all your leftover balls and then crochet a variegated multi colour scarf or throw. I have three poncho's and I wear them periodically, in the summer and also on top of my jacket in the winter. I look forward to seeing your piccies when you create your poncho.
Good Luck with your cabin clear out with Elliott, does he know what you have in mind yet !! haha.
Your mason jars are lovely.
We have had torrential rain here today, yucky yuck yuck, bring back the sun haha, although I do like the colder evenings. I'm still wearing my shorts yet, I will wear them as long as I can haha.
Enjoy your weekend, and don't work Elliott too hard haha.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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