Friday, 26 July 2019

Friday Chat Day

Hello friends

Back blogging my Friday round up, I'm enjoying this - it works as a 
diary for me and nice to still be in touch with you,
as long as you don't mind my ramblings!

I have to mention the heatwave (sorry!) My cabin has been a sauna.
I was really pleased to get to my city job to sit in blissful air con! 
Poor Mitchell is up in the attic room in our VT (Victorian Terrace),
he has two fans running to try to keep cool.
Even the cats have stopped going up there because it is too hot! 
How have you been coping?

I did venture out to the fields behind the cabin and was delighted to 
see that the bullaces are ripening well.
For those who may not know, they are like little plums and 
I often pick a batch, stone them and pop them in a crumble.
They freeze well too.  Nothing beats nature's free snacks.

In all honesty, I'm a Autumn/Winter person so although the sunshine is 
brilliant for getting washing dry I truly enjoy much cooler climates.

This week brought about sadness in that we had to say goodbye to our
gorgeous old lady cat Imogen. 
She had reached the grand age of 19 and was doing incredibly well
and then suddenly her health plummeted. 
I am grateful she didn't have to suffer at the end but it was hard to say goodbye.

Pets are representative of time and Imogen came into my life at a
very significant crossroads, just when I found myself as a single Mum
bringing up the boys in a rented flat.
Desperate to feel more homely I went in search of a pet. 
She was given to me by my local vet who warned me she was a
rescue kitten and somewhat feisty, that was a very big understatement.
Later she calmed down but she always ruled the house.
She also got the pleasure of leaving that rented flat and living in a house
with many other pets - she might disagree that was always pleasurable! 
She was featured a few times on craft projects too,
back in my scrapbooking days.

RIP Imogen - you are missed.

Now onto brighter things...literally!
My crochet continues and this project I've fondly named 
The Ice Cream Blanket.
If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I've been struggling 
to like the yellow stripes, I felt they stood out too much.
I'm embracing them now after some lovely responses telling me they look fine.

This was supposed to be a blanket featuring squares 
(as mentioned last week) but after making 
half a dozen I decided squares and me do not bode well.
I was also dreading the thought of joining them altogether.
I returned to this pattern (Dune Blanket by Attic 24)
and merrily got going on stripes.

At this rate we are at great risk of having many many blankets in our home -
(unsure if there is a collective noun for blankets - perhaps blanki? 
I digress....)  So - I've been considering whether there is a market
to sell one or two with proceeds going to charity.
Interested to know your thoughts.
In the meantime ....most evenings I'm enjoying my free time 
crocheting and in front of Netflix.
I'm becoming a bit of a Netflix nerd - loved The Umbrella Academy
and Stranger Things - any other recommendations gratefully received.

Hope and Chances' news -
if you haven't been on the website recently please pop over.
We are adding pre-loved items daily and updating our clearance section.
It truly is time to grab some bargains.
We have also restocked Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L products here.

Okey dokey, I think that rounds up news from my little world this week.
Always lovely to read your comments - thank you.

Take care friends - have a perfect weekend.


hazel young said...

The heat helps some of my illnesses but then hinders others, so a bit mixed thoughts on the heat. So sorry to hear you lost your beloved cat. The blankets all look fabulous, I'm sure there is a market for them. Have a good week xx Hazel said...

Morning Christine.
So sorry to hear about your sad loss.
I love this hot weather, I have no bother sleeping,
although it is a little too warm to craft, but not too warm to read a new book.
I hope your journey to work goes well.
Have fun and keep cool. Kitty.
Oh lovely blankets.

Chris said...

Hi Christine,
I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, it is never easy saying goodbye to a loved one, but our memories will always live on.
Your blankets are lovely and I’m thinking of crocheting one for my Mum to cover her legs whilst she sits in her chair at her care home.
We had a fantastic storm here last night and I laid in bed listening to it, hopefully it will bring a more pleasant summer day.
Work for me today too, have a lovely weekend.
Chris xx

margaret driscoll said...

Hello Christine
I do not like the heat either. I like Spring and Autumn this heat gets boring!
Sorry about Imogen but she did have a good life after you rescued her!
I like the blankets gled you enjoy crochet!
Have a lovely day!
Take care
Love Marg

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Firstly so sorry to hear that you have lost your cat. it's always a sad time as they are part of the family.
Enjoy your Friday chat it's nice to catch up on your week.
As for the heat just too much for me, trouble is we are just not used to such high temperatures.
Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hello Christine, Love the catch up session and sorry to hear of your loss. There are many charities on line that are looking for knitted goods either for premature babies or for persons with dementia. I'm sure you'll find an outlet for these beautiful creations. WakeyL

Jackie Durrant said...

Hi Christine, life is certainly busy in your household though tinged with the sadness of losing Imogen but it sounds as though she had a happy life with your family. The heat has been a bit too much for me but I haven't had much time for crafting as I am in the middle of clearing mum's house. She is in residential care now and won't ever go home so with my practical hat on put it on the market. 68 years of accumulation is a lot of sorting and clearing and I do some each week when I go down but I'm having a week at home with all the heat. The good news is that yesterday we heard we have a complete chain to sell so getting it done has much more of a focus now. Your crochet blankets look so cosy. Just a thought but is there a residential home near you who might like to buy them for their residents? Have a good weekend best wishes Jackie xx

CraftyCoffey said...

Sorry to her your sad news about Imogen. Your crochet blankets look fabulous-I’m sure you’ll have lots of interest.

This weather has made working quite tiring-Hospitals are always warm anyway and it’s unbearable right now! At least I get chance to escape the heat unlike the patients.


karenlotty said...

So sorry to hear about Imogen She really did live a full long life
Your blankets are amazing If you’re thinking of selling purely for charity (ie not take anything to cover the costs) you could try donating them to an elderly care home, hospice or baby unit
This weather is far too much for me I do like it warm but this heat is playing havoc with my blood sugars (type1 diabetes)

Littlelamb said...

Sorry to hear about Imogen,. Your blanket is beautiful. I don’t know about selling the blankets for charity as all the people I know that crochet blankets usually give them to the Cats League who are always grateful or Battersea Dogs home. Some to hospitals.

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, My heart goes out to you, so sad news about Imogen, so upsetting, lots of love to you all.
This weather is so exhausting, I'm still doing all my exercising that I have always done and I'm finding it much more exhausting in this heat, but the nights are the worst, I can't sleep because it is too hot and then I can't cope the next day. Even when we had thunder and lightening and torrential rain, it was still hot and much worse it was more humid. I, too love it warm but this heat is unbelievable, I don't know how they went on in Paris when it was over 40 degrees.
Your crochet is looking really beautiful.
Enjoy your weekend.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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