Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Testing out a brush...

Hello friends

On a countdown to the new website, thank you for the positive comments.
Also for the kind thoughts for Mum, she's getting there and glad
to say eating a little better too.

To avoid the whole website techy stuff I escaped to my cabin to try out 
some inking with a brush.
Up until now I've used blending tools, ink daubers and Smoothies.
I then saw various demos using brushes and before investing in some
decided to cheat a little and try out a makeup brush I purchased some time ago.
I realise this could be quite different to the wonderful brushes available
but more to see if I liked the technique.

This is my Dylusions journal book where I'm experimenting with ideas.
The paper is thick and smooth.
I tried out a couple of colours and realised I had to put quite a bit on the brush
and Dried Marigold comes out less yellow, more brown on this cream paper.

Stamped over with my script stamp using brown ink.

I then went looking for some stamps and found these bold flowers.

Got a bit carried away using first and second generation stamping.
Not sure if I liked it at this point and actually thought about ripping out the page.

But then I went back in with the brush and blended colours over the stamped flowers.

Finishing touch a tiny mouse from Cardio stamps, 
I have seen Eileen Godwin add little snails etc on her designs and thought it 
looked sweet so opted for a mouse on this one.

I'm still undecided if I like it but it was interesting to do.
I'm thinking the brush will be handy and here's the good news...
it is available for the grand price of £1.51! 
It is currently on Amazon here.

I'm off to the opticians today as really really need new glasses,
I may go back and look at this project with new eyes! 

Take care friends, have a great Tuesday.


hazel young said...

I love your page Christine and the little mouse is so cute. I have recently brought some makeup brushes to use for crafting but not got round to using them yet. Have a good day xx Hazel

Chris said...

That’s a lovely page Christine, I’ve been experimenting with inks and paints too, and I think the secret is to walk away and go back to it if you aren’t sure about it. Then you can build on it again. But yours is beautiful, I love the addition of the little mouse.
Have a lovely day.
Chris xx

kittyedavies47@gmail.com said...

Morning Christine.
What a lovely little experiment,
I too have bought some make up brushes and shall have a go.
So glad to read your Mum is getting a little better each day.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

CraftyCoffey said...

Great page in your journal-it’s lovely.

Glad to hear your Mum is improving.


Christine said...

Love the way that page came together. I have been wondering about the brushes as well so I have found this post really interesting. Thanks for sharing.
BTW good to hear your Mum's feeling a bit better. Have to take things one day at a time....

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
It's good to play with new ideas, I like what you have done.
Pleased to hear Mum's on the mend.

Jackie Durrant said...

Well I think you have done a grand job. Perhaps trying it on white paper will be more appealing to you? Just a thought xx

Wendy L said...

Looks great, I quite like using brushes, xxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, I like the outcome, especially the addition of the tiny mouse standing on it's back legs, so cute. I have found when using brushes, as opposed to blending tools, you seem to get a much lighter inking. I use the Clarity brushes and also Inkylicious brushes.
Glad your Mum is feeling better and eating better, always a good sign.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

karenlotty said...

Very interesting to read your thoughts on using brushes
I like the project and as I overheard Leonie Pugal mention when I was at Stamperama on Sunday that with an art journal you can keep going back to it and add to it if you want

CraftyJo said...

Your page is lovely- very soft and subtle and the little mouse is adorable :)

Linda said...

A couple of years ago Christina Griffiths posted on her blog about success she had had using "China Paint Brushes"she had bought at Aldi. I rushed out and bought some, if I remember they were 3 for £1.50 and I love them. As others have said you get a much softer look with brushes as opposed to blending tools and sometimes that is perfect for the project you are working on.
These brushes are really for a decorator to use and have a pointed tip and are very soft, and as I say I love using them.

Thanks for all your inspiration Christine.

Looking forward to the new website

Love and hugs


Littlelamb said...

Lovely page in the journal. I agree with Linda the brushes from Aldi are very good. They have recently had them in again so I bought some more. Worth looking to see if they still have them. Glad your mum is improving and eating a little more.

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