Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sunday Giveaway and my friend Carole!

Hello friends

Thank you for all the lovely comments yesterday and a warm welcome
to new followers, special good wishes to Ann Morris for such kind words.

I'm heading off to Birmingham today for the trade show 'Stitches'.
Very excited to be meeting up with Spellbinders and demoing.
I'm not back until Tuesday evening so special measures have been put in place to
ensure Bella and the cats are fine...oh yes, the boys too!

This was Bella's response to my telling her that I was going away...

In my absence, I thought it was probably time for another giveaway,
how about something ... grand!
I have a set of these brilliantly useful dies to give away to a lucky winner.
They make fantastic card bases.
Really easy - just leave a comment on today's post and a winner will be
picked out and announced next week.
Other news:
I've mentioned before that I am very fortunate to be friends with
best selling author Carole Matthews.
We met many years ago just after Carole had her first book published -
(she is now celebrating 20+ novels!)  I have every single one in my bookcase.

Recently I attended one of Carole's book launch parties and I presented her with
an Artisan X-Plorer, some Spellbinders dies and a craft kit.
I knew that Carole enjoyed making things, she's been fantastic at knitting squares!

It appears I've opened up a whole new world to Carole and she has begun
cardmaking!  I am absolutely thrilled. 
I'm now waiting for Carole to show her 'makes' on Facebook...

Carole got me you remember when you first started your craft journey?
The excitement of what to buy...
(we usually make mistakes there - that very first expensive trip to Hobbycraft!)
Did you scour magazines, blogs and websites for inspiration?
Also, I do not know many crafters who have given up, it seems to be a long-term hobby. 
What do you think?  Something to ponder on a Sunday.

Take care friends and don't forget to leave a comment if you would like
to win Grand Labels One.


Diane said...

I started crafting 20 years ago when I was " persuaded" to produce a craft stall for my daughters new primary school christmas fare when I joined the PTA. Never done anything before! I made some topiary trees ( they were all the rage then). Then I decided to make some door wreaths and table decorations. To my absolute amazement everything had sold in the first hour and I had an order list. From there I decided to make gift boxes and gift cards to compliment what I made. That was it, the card making bug hit me!
Friendships like yours and Carols are precious, you do right to treasure it.
Thanks for the chance to win, this is a set I do not already own.

Sandra said...

Good Morning Christine,
What a lovely story Carole, I wish you every success in your card making journey, it can be so therapeutic.
Which is exactly how I first got I to Crafting, I had just moved to Oxfordshire (for my husbands job, not by choice)! Up until this time I was a busy mum of four, the youngest being twins of four (2004) prior to us moving I had run Mum & toddler groups twice a week, helped in school with readers, attended various mum & baby groups, ran the RAF thrift shop 2 days too. When we moved that all stopped, I was in a new place, had no friends and my babies all went to full time school for the first time, I was left with absolutely nothing to do, the social life that came with having pre-school age children had gone totally, to add to this I was awaiting major hip surgery, which I had, leaving me totally house bound for four months back then, so I discovered the local craft shop, got some 'peel offs' (remember those) and some coloured card blanks and a few Christmas themed stamps, I sat and made my first attempt and Christmas cards, oh boy would I cringe when I looked back. From that day on I was hooked, I am now disabled (mobility wise) and housebound and dependant on others to take me out, which is hampered by my fear of leaving my 'comfort zone' ! Crafting / card making has got me through the hardest times of my life, the people involved in crafting have always been so generous with crafting, always so willing to share top tips and tricks on how to achieve the best results, it's people like you Christine, that can be almost life savers, a simple email or message can lift someone from the depths of despair, to standing with their head held high as somebody compliments them on a card they have made!
So that's my craft journey, I now card make everyday, it's the reason for getting out of bed in a morning, this is only very recent, since November time, I decided I would start to 'blog' everyday, I show a card each day, it could be mine or one of my blog friends, I like to share their cards too, just so they can have that moment of pride! I just wanted give something back to a hobby that has saved my life!
Sorry Christine for having such a long post, but it's a long, complicated story! Please delete if too big!
My blog can be found by clicking on my name, I would love for anyone to see how craft has changed my life.
Right I am off for a lie down!
Christine, thank you from the very bottom of my heart , your constant support and inspiration!
Love & hugs to all
Sandra xxxx

Kitty Davies said...

Hi Christine and lovely Family.
I have always crafted since I could hold a pair of Knitting pins,about sixty years ago.Then about Twelve years ago there was some Christmas felt patterns for cards in a magazine my daughter made,them they sold a treat at the school fair.The nearest card supplier we found was, Express services, now Creative Expressions, we met Karen Lines and the world of stamping and die cutting. I was hooked on card making,Thank you for all the inspiration. Take care and have a good weekend Kitty.

Jane Willis said...

I love hearing about other people's crafting stories - I'll be checking back later to read some more! I started crafting when I was three years old, and with my 60th birthday approaching you can see that there were no blogs around to inspire me then! Every Christmas, my parents would buy me a copy of "Dean's Bumper Book of Things To Make" plus any other children's craft books they could find, and along with my Mum and Gran's collections of Stitchcraft and Needlewoman and Needlecraft, they kept me busy all through the year.

Bea said...

hi Christine - I have always been involved in some crafty activity for as long as I can remember but have made cards on and off for about 6/7 years for family and friends. Love the inspirtion in blogland. Special friendships like the one you have with Carol are wat make life richer. :)

Patricia Youdell said...

Morning Christine
I started crafting about ten years ago - after I was inspired (hooked) watching craft on QVC.
Over the years my style has changed depending on what is popular, but above all I love my die cutting. Being able to create something out of paper and card gives me such satisfaction.
Have a great time at the craft show, I look forward to hearing all about it
Pat x

Chris said...

Hi Christine, what a great photo of Bella, she looks nearly ready for her spring make over.
I have been crafting for about five years now. I caught the bug from my sister who was making her own cards, so I decided to have a go at scrap booking. She persuaded me to try card making and said that I would be hooked once I got started. She was right. At first I made some pretty hideous creations, but nobody was rude about them to my face. Over time with lots of equipment purchased, Create & craft, and lovely blogs (especially yours) and help from my sister I have improved. So thank you Christine for your daily inspiration it is so very much appreciated. By the way I only got as far as making one scrapbook page.
I've loved reading the comments so far from your followers, one in particular brought a tear to my eye. Take care, Chris xx

Gill said...

Like a lot of people I had done cross stitch, sewing and knitting but when my sister bought me a card kit for a birthday present that was it. Ten years later I am still enjoying card making and I think it is because there are so many techniques and new ideas to keep up with.

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. I hope you enjoy "Stitches", not sure Bella is going to enjoy you being away though by the look on her face : )
What a great friendship you have with Carole. She gives you wonderful books to read and now you have given her card making. I wonder how long before she becomes as addicted as we all are? : )
Like many others I have always dabbled in various crafts since being a child but found card making about 3 years ago after seeing a craft programme on TV. As I am unable to work anymore it has given me something to do that I can manage most days. It has also led to me meeting 2 very special people, one of them being Sandra(she has already commented today) such a very special friend : )
I do think that it should be made very clear that card making is addictive though, you just can;t help but want to craft all day : ))
Good luck everyone on your kind giveaway Christine. I have the smaller Labels One dies, the grand Ones would be such a useful addition to anyones die collection, my fingers are firmly crossed : )
Wishing you safe and trouble free journeys. Enjoy the show : ) Take care.

Little crafter said...

Have a great time at stitches Christine ...I've been crafting almost 2 years and it was elaine (cakecoffeecraft) that got me into it I was very fortunate she gave me loads and loads of crafting supplies to get me going but then I did start buying an have never stopped lol

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
What a lovely blog today, I love Carole's books have read many of them.
I used to be a Guider so we often did crafty tings with the guides, like making pebble pots and things to sell at fetes. Then I found card making about 9 or 10 years ago. I was watching Dawn Bibby on QVC she was showing one of her kits, I got it and I was hooked.
When I look back at my early cards they were just awful.
I belong to a retirement club and now I make all of the special Birthday cards for the members and also get commissions from members.
A big thank you Christine for help hints and tips you give us on your blog.
Enjoy the trade show.

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, thank you for a chance to win these beautiful dies. I first started making decoupage picture about 20 years ago I loved it but they went out of fashion so I started doing a few cards to put on my stall and they were very popular. But my Husband took ill and I had to look after him for six years. Two years ago he sadly passed away so I started making cards again. It is a great passion of mine and I have far to much stuff but I keep buying when the new things come out. My room is 12ftx 12ft and is packed. I also have started putting things in my husbands craft room as he liked woodwork so we had an extension of 2 x 12x12 rooms. I am currently trying to empty his room so I will have both. With being on my own it gives me lots of pleasure and passes my time on so I don't have time to sit and get bored. I am a craft addict. love Jean Z xx

Stamping Bubbles said...

Good morning Christine
Gosh your blog today has got me thinking - what was the first thing I bourght? I had been making cards using machine embroidery for a while when I stumbled across Create and Craft on the TV. I bought a Daisy and Dandelion kit which included a paper kit plus some clear stamps. When the kit arrived I discovered I needed an acrylic block and ink so off I went to Hobbycraft to purchase some. Once home clutching my purchases I discovered stamping on copy paper didn't work so my hubby suggested I looked on the internet (which he now regrets) for some hints and a whole new world opened up to me. After watching lots of TV and You tube videos, reading blogs and visiting shows I have slowly learnt various techniques but stamping and die cutting remain my favourite crafts. My small box of stash has now grown into a very full craftroom filled with dies, stamps and beautiful papers.I love my hobby; I enjoy making the cards and so far people seem to enjoy recieving them. I think we all carry on because it is such a lovely friendly craft; all the people I have met so far have been so kind and helpful and are always willing to share tips and their knowledge (even if I am a little star struck when I meet TV personalities).
I hope you have a lovely time at the trade show. I am sure Bella (another cute picture)and the boys will miss their mum while you are away.
Take care

Bernadette said...

Hello Christine,
Great giveaway! Carol is a very pretty woman. I've not read any of her books. It's great that you have this friendship and that she's hooked on card making now. When she's got downtime, which does she pick up---a pen to write a new book or cardmaking supplies to make a card? Just thought I'd ask. :)
Have fun at "Stitches"!

Wendy L said...

Gorgeous pic of Bella, she is so cute.
I still have some of the very first bits I bought to start my craft life. Haha. xxxxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Christine, A very cute piccie of Bella, she may not seem bothered there, but I'm sure she's going to miss her 'Mum'.
Enjoy your stay at the Trade Shows, demo'ing all those new craft goodies.
I would love to win these Grand dies, I have been wanting this set for a long time, I don't know why Spellbinders have stopped making the Grand dies !!
What a lovely piccie of Carole and I'm sure she was really thrilled with all the crafting goodies you bestowed upon her.
My first entrance into crafting was a card kit by Dawn Bibby at QVC, I still have some of the card, but it 'shot' me into the craft world, and now years later I look back at some of the creations I made and thought oh no !! hahaha.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

pauline said...

I have been crafting for years ,from sewing knitting and card making ,but not help from school was making a navy sirt all them years ago and had tiny stars on it mum sold it to her friend to finish as i couldnt see to do it headmistress she was sewing teacher wouldnt let me change to something else so thats why mum sold it all i got to make was an old cushion cover weaving wool in and out of dishcloth ,o how i hated the teacher,and if she could see what i make now no thanks to her!!! at the moment im into bag making love my sewing machine got all my grandchildren into cardmaking sewing and knitting ,love your doggy she is like my Millie i have a border terrier xxx

Elaine said...

Enjoy stitches Christine bet it's fabulous. I would so love to go. Anyway I started crafting nearly ten years ago. If my craft anniversary in August. Where did ten years go !! I would be lost without it, a great way to relax and de stress. I'm sure Bella is safe in the boys hands, and fabulous giveaway xx

Jacquie said...

Hi Christine,

Enjoy your time at the stitch craft wish I could be there too lol! Lovely for you to get Carol interested in card making, will look forward to seeing what her first card will look like. I started buying a card kit from Create and Craft about 10 years ago, it was a disaster to say the least, I hadn't a clue what to do and every card I made looked very plain and boring lol!

Lovely picture of Bella, she does not look amused lol!

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

marg said...

Hello Christine
As a child Handwriting was my thing along with Embroidery.
My 1st card making purchase was an Anna Griffin kit from QVC just when I was due to retire !
Since then my house has become over run with Inks, Papers,Pens and Spellbinders Dies.. Machines, and everything needed to craft!
I am housebound with Arthritis and COPD so I NEED this craftbug!lol
My friends swop Carole's books and search Charity shops for older ones, we are a little fan club and wait for new ones eagerly!
We Love all of her books!
Have a nice time Christine
Take care
Love Marg

Carole Z said...

HI Christine, enjoy Stitches, sorry we won't be able to meet up this year...maybe next time again!

Good luck to Carole wit her craft journey and a special 'Hi' there aren't too many of us Caroles with an 'e' on the name! I've been crafting in one way or another since I was a child...Dad was a signwriter by trade and also painted. e taught me so much as we loved doing so many arty things together. Both my parents were creatives, soI had no chance with mastering science, lol. Mum was an excellent cook, loved to sew and knit. Sewing I did take to, but could never really master knitting! I love to sew craft items and some home decor, but not clothes.

I got heavily into card making when after making cards for friend and family, I started to get commissions, them it was craft fairs and now I teach a workshop with my friend. For inspiration blogging has been the best thing I ever did and I've met so many lovely crafters here...sharing stamps, swapping die cuts across the world, not just the UK! My guilty pleasure for inspiration is Pinterest, I can literally spend hours there! Hugs Carole Z XX

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
I have always loved sewing,knitting etc but it is my daughter who got me into craft and die cutting,I never get bored now.
I hope you have a great time at stiches,have a safe journey. Take care. x.

Pat S Witney said...

Hi Christine
How lovely that you and Carole remained firm friends. She gave you books and you gave her crafting. My friend was a crafter but only does decoupage. So I went to a craft demo in Carterton. As the lady what should I buy, was told what pens I needed, all the different inks ans embossing powders to collect, all this would have cost me a fortune. Triend to do what the lady told me but was totally useless. The lady at the next demo said, just buy inks and a clear embossing powder and your sorted. No need to spend hundreds of pounds on both. Well, I bought a few stamps as well, but when I look back at what I made then and what I make now, I cringe. I was then introduced to dies. I don't have a lot at the moment. However I met two lovely ladies Sandra and Mrs B through crafting. They both give me inspiration.I am now an avid die crafter thanks to the inspiration I get from people like yourself, whobshow us all the different uses we can do with them. Enjoy your trip to Stitches.

val jones said...

Hi Christine.Very cute photo of Bella.
I started card making years ago, just after my husbaand died. I was watching Alan and Barrie on Ideal World and they had a beginners pack which include card and envelopes, toppers, glues and rub on words. I ordered just for something different to do. I started making cards and haven't stopped since.When i think of my first efforts I cringe. My first card was for my brother(Roy) for his birthday. I cut a "R" out of paper and stuck it on a card writing "oy" in pen next to it. That was it but I was so proud. Of course as time has gone on many more amazing products have been added to my collection and where would i be without my die cutting stash.The first time someone asked me to make a card was such a thrill. I love looking at the wonderful card on peoples blogs.
I do actually have this set of dies you're kindly giving away so don't include me in your drawer.
Anyway hope everything goes well this weekend for you.
Love Val in Spain x

Janice said...

Hi Christine
I used to love cross stitching, which I sometimes made into cards. About 12 years ago my sister and I met Jane Means at a Country Living Craft show in London, and we then attended her two day workshop of making cards and gift wrapping.
After that we then had the card making bug and haven't looked back since! It's good to now see Jane has progressed and can be seen on C&C recently too.
Good luck to Carole with her new hobby!
Thank you for the chance to win the dies, and enjoy your trip to Stitches!

hazel young said...

Lovely photo of Bella Christine. Lovely photo of Carole too and great that she has caught the bug. Have a great weekend and take lots of photos to share please. I have crafted since being a child but my card making began about 8 years ago when i was a foster carer and couldn't find an appropriate card for a baby that I was caring for who was being adopted, so i eneded up making my own and haven't stopped since xx hazel

Ann Morris said...

Hi Christine, my card crafting started with a new Epsom printer about 14 years ago that had a card making program included. When computers progressed and the old disk no longer worked and new ones just were not as good i started to make cards with appropriate photos and stick ons. Which i still do. Last years christmas card included 13 grandchildren's faces each in a Spellbinders Heirloom reflections. Magazines i bought started showing cards decorated with die cut outs etc and i started looking about and my husband agreeded to a grand caibre, not realising i think how much i could spend on dies etc. So my crafting of sewing, knitting, crochet, sugercraft cake decorating, quilling, cross stiching etc. etc. grows. Love Ann

Teresa Doyle said...

Good luck travelling to your trade show! ( Lucky YOU!) Bella looks like she'll miss you...
I made a few mistakes in my purchase when I began stamping (15 yrs ago) but I have since rectified the problem! LOL Glad you were able to set Carole up for a new journey in crafting. It is very therapeutic. My Mom began making cards in her 70's and has only recently given it up at 87. I love to read, what types of novels does Carole write?

Wendy said...

Hello Christine :-) In my teens I cross stitched and knitted, discovered resin casting (remember Plasticraft, anyone?) and made jewellery. When my boys were little I made them simple trousers so they could go and get muddy in the garden! In 1993 I discovered stamping, I used the same heat gun for 21 years, would you believe. Scrapbooking followed, a die cutting machine arrived in the house because "I only wanted to cut some nice ovals" - but I seem to have many more dies than those few ovals now! I just like making things :-)

Crafty Clare said...

Hi Christine I started card making about 12 years ago when the Boss of the stationary shop I worked for wanted to start selling craft. I have always sewn, knitted etc but never made cards. I soon got the bug and was asked by him to demo once a month. I love your blog and check it daily for inspiration. Keep up the good work. Love Clare

Lynn said...

Hi Christine, I got started a long a long time ago, with cross stitch cards, then branched out into paper craft, scrap booking etc. I've not given up as such, but, now make jewellery, cards still feature, but mainly earrings and necklaces at the moment. Hope you have a great time at stitches. Lynn xx

Cinders61 said...

Hi Christine. I started crafting as a child when I learnt to knit. I then started cross stitch and my love of cardmaking started when my late husband bought me a boxed set, the contents of which would make 12 cards. I was hooked from that point on and made my own wedding stationery. 10 years on and I have accumulated a large stash including lots of Spellbinders. Die cutting is my fave. Have a lovely Sunday everyone. Gillian x

Laura O' Connor said...

started making cards about 6 years ago ,love it can's see myself stopping anytime soon [unless bank man gives out too much or hubby ha ha],Laura O

PharmacyMichele said...

Such a cute pic of Bella! I saw a demonstration at Hobbycraft many years ago (prob over 15 years) & likes it. The heard the demonstrator had opened her own shop so went along and was totally hooked! I've gone from a box of stash, to quite a few under the spare bed to a whole room of my own. I try to sell my cards (to raise money for research into Motor Neurone disease) but i don't have a lot of spare time as i work fulltime in the pharmacy department in the local hospital. Actually, crafting is what allows me to relax & unwind plus it allows hubby access to the TV!


Kristina B. said...

Have fun at the show. Bella's so cute :) That's my pooches name too!

Tilly Talksalot said...

Hi Christine,
I have been crafting since I was a child and as an adult always said I would never start cardmaking! All it took was a friend showing me heat embossing and that was it....
I have a favourite saying on my fridge "Home is where I keep my stuff while I'm out buying other stuff" :-)
Have a great day x

Bejay Roles said...

Hi Christine. I started crafting when I was a kid, my dad was sick off work and taught me how to knit:). I went on to cross stitch and embroidery and then about three years ago had a go at beaded jewellery, then graduated onto card making. Being disabled and trying to survive on benefits, it's very hard for me to get new die sets, even though I know how useful they are and I am thrilled that you are giving all your followers the chance to win this fantastic set.
I hope you have a great time at Stitches and I bet Bella can't wait for you to get back home next week. x

Clai01 said...

Hi Christine
I love looking at blogs as much as I can and like to collect ideas along the way, usually card making and love to visit craft shops and attend shows if I can too. I find it all very inspiring.
Always liked to craft since a child so I guess now it just carries on. x

ginny c said...

Have always been into knitting, cross stitch my sister really got me into card making remember seeing you on create & craft and at show demo spellbinders and that's was it I was away. Have a good time at NEC

Anonymous said...

Like so many others I have alway enjoyed making things, since I was a little girl. It used to be needle raft, knitting, cross stitch and even made curtains for our first home. In 2001 I travelled to Melbourne to visit an aunt and discovered stamping, they had so many lovely craft shops with casual work areas and coffee at the back. I came home armed with stamps, ink pads and lots of other goodies. Since I retired 6years ago cuttlebug, grand caliber and many dies have been added, along with masks stencils gilding flakes, the list is endless.
Your blog has so many great ideas, thanks

mags said...

Hope your time at the trade show goes well. So nice to be able to introduce a friend to crafting. I was introduced to it by my Mum. I had always done knitting, crotchet, cross stitch etc but fancied having a go at making a few christmas cards. 5 years later and still going strong and love it.
Thanks for the chance to win a lovely die set.

LoraineC said...

I have enjoyed reading everyone's stories today and the joy crafting has brought to them. I too started with QVC and then a local craft shop ran classes to learn new ideas(sadly it is no longer there) so now I rely on the Internet for new ideas. Have fun on your trip, what a cutsie Bella is.

Jackie Elliott said...

I started crafting as a youngster watching my Gran and Mum sewing and knitting, when Blue Peter was making things, I would too and now I sew, knit, scrapbook and make cards, crafting is a big part of my life, sometimes it's been a lifeline!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, It seems that, like all the other lovely ladies here, I have been crafting in some form all my life! When my husband found the Create and craft channel,the rest is really history. I absolutely love all sorts of card making but stamping and colouring is my favourite followed very closely by die cutting. Thank you for the chance to win such a great set. Have a great week.
Carole N xx

Janice Wallace said...

You have got us all going today. Like so many, been crafting all my life. Both grannys knitted, crocheted, embroidered, and taught me. Mum made her own, and my clothes, and had a sewing machine. My dad painted, did calligraphy and made the Christmas cards each year.
Card making started about 10 years ago, but more when Mum came to live with me, since with dementia she could no longer sew, but could "help" make cards as she popped out die cuts.
One question, since you have Carole making cards now, how long before your first novel is out?
Janice W

CraftyJo said...

Gotta go checkout a possible new author for me to get hooked on now ;) Still always make time to read even if I've been crafting until the early hours (usually about 2am when I get to bed!!)

Jackie said...

I have always been intereseted in all sort kinds of crafting, starting with crochet when I was around 8, then spending summers playing around with my mother's pedal-powered sewing machine. I moved on to cross-stitch when it was all the rage in the 90's. When I had my kids, I started scrapbooking, which led me to card-making. With all the tools and dies available now, I will never run out of things to create. Thank you for sharing!

Sharon said...

Hello Christine, I have been crafting for about 7 years now. I love paper craft especially decoupage and die cutting. I love to here about how other crafters started and if they are a success and made a business from something they love doing. (like you).
I love reading this blog it always brings a smile.
Best wishes
Sharon x

Di said...

Hi Christine,
Thank you for having a giveaway, I have crafted all my life, I have knitted and sewn since I was very young, taught by my grandmother, then I started cake decorating in my 20s, then flower arranging and floristry took over but all the while I would be doing other crafts, i.e. embroid- ery, ribbon flowers, drawing and since I retired from floristy I have found cards and absolutely love it.
Di B.

Di x said...

Hi Christine
Been crafting since I was five that's 60 years now. Mum was a good sewer and she made all our summer dresses. She taught me to sew using gingham pattern cotton. The squares help to make your stitches same length and by magic you always sew the same length stitch afterwards. Used to make all my own dolls clothes. Knitting was a passion too in my doll clothes making, and a life long passion, as well as embroidery.

Cardmaking became my new skill about 20 years ago and its still my main hobby/life. I love using dies and my grand calibur. Would love to win the giveaway. Enjoy your trip, Bella will be fine with the boys.

Maria Alder said...

I used to cross stitch from early age and making other types of crafting then about 6 years ago I found decoupage cardmaking and fell in love with what you could make.Some years ago now a cuttlebug came into my life and that changed my look into cardmaking for ever :-) I have also meet some wonderful people through the blogland which I'm very happy for. Love your Bella :-)

Heidis Kagesjov said...

Hi Christine.
Like the others I've been crafting since I was a kid and tried so many different things including cake decorating (which my blog is about), but in the fall of last year I stumbled over card making. I had decided to make my own Christmas cards and found all these amazing cards on Pinterest, and I was hooked instantly. So I went out and bought a machine, a few dies and a lot of paper. My kids (ages 5, 8 and 10) love making cards with me too, so it has turned into a family thing.

Alice Bee said...

Hi Christine, I don't have a blog it's one of those things I keep meaning to look into setting up!! I do enjoy dipping in and out of other peoples blogs and I love your blog and the inspiration you give not only with craft ideas but your life and family and the 'problems' you have all had to overcome. I have crafted most of my life and still have a Christmas card I made when I was 4years old and my husband says he only married me because I sent him a handmade valentine card back in 1966! He is now 71 and I still send him handmade cards! As you say, take care my friend and keep up your talented work x

Ella's Design said...

Good evening, Christine! I can't remember when I started crafting, it has always been something that I just did - I grew up with my Nan and Mum always making something either knitting, sewing or baking and as a young child, the edible items were the best kind! I remember making a hairdressers for my Sindy doll out of a shoe box and yoghurt pots after watching an episode of Blue Peter and through the years I have tried my hand at pottery painting, stained glass, flower arranging and now all things paper!
I have met some wonderful people both in the real world and online through my crafting and hope to continue to grow new friendships through our common love of crafting!
Have a wonderful time at the show and thanks for another chance to win a brilliant prize! Hugs, Lisa x

Saundra A. said...

Happy to have landed on your page and a chance to win those dies. Very nice Blog. I shall return!

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