Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Kraft and Flowery

Hello friends

A layout of mine has just been featured in this month's Scrapbook Magazine 
and here it is.  It features my niece Rachel, bless her - she has so many 
layouts done of her because she's the only girl and I love flowery layouts!
Also helps that she's beautiful and photogenic.

I chose to keep the layout entirely kraft papers - these are Canvas Corp.
A tag found its way into the layout and Classic Edges One makes a nice scallop 
edge to the top of the photo frame.
 I picked out the white of Rachel's dress with the flowers - 
Just Because Celebra'tions Stamp and Die Set and the leaves are Foliage.
Using pearls for the flower centres provides a pretty touch too.

I really enjoy creating layouts, it's where I started on my crafting journey and I always
feel comfortable returning to what I feel confident with.

So, after talking to the geeks and trawling through a lot of info on the internet
I've finally worked out why there is CAPTCHA on my blog - this is when you leave
a comment and it asks you to type a series of numbers like this...

If you have a Google/Blogger account and you are signed in you need not do this,
just comment and press 'publish'.
If you do not have a Google/Blogger account it is really simple to make one.
There is lots of clear information here and truly hope it helps,
I know how annoying it can be with all this geeky robot stuff!

Take care friends, how is the Christmas shopping going?


PharmacyMichele said...

Lovely scrapbook layout.


Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, Your scrapbook page is lovely and your niece is very pretty. love Jean Z xx

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. A beautiful layout, I love kraft card, the Canvas corp are great.
We still haven't really started our Christmas shopping, but most of the family want money this year so haven't got too much to get, thankfully!
I'm sure people will find your info about CAPTCHA useful. I hope you don'mind me adding that if you do have to prove you're not a robot and find the strange letters hard to read just press the circular arrow symbol beside where you type your text until you find something that you can read. I hope that makes sense! Take care.

Janice said...

Hi Christine
What a pretty layout today, I love how the White and greens of your flowers and leaves, bring out the photo of your niece. Pearls make lovely flower centres too.
We're still unpacking boxes and getting sorted really, so no time for shopping really. Thankfully, most of it I did before we moved or online since!
Janice x

Sandra said...

Good Morning Christine,
Wow what a stunner Rachael is, the layout is beautiful, elegant yet simple, just the perfect balance!
You are one clever lady!
Christmas Shopping........don't ask!
None of my lovely children know what they want, annoyingly, plus every year I think my mum consults a " let's ask for the one thing that no shop has this year" guru!
This year it was Chocolate brown formal/smart trousers! Simple you would think, oh no, Brown is not in any shop , you can buy tops etc but no trousers!
I think she may just get a voucher for a department store!
Crafty hugs all round today,
Sandra xxx

nattyboots said...

Such a lovely layout Christine, a lovely smile your niece has , i think it runs in the Emberson Family. I do like the papers used and the way you have used the tag.

Shoppings all done for presents, it is the food shop that i hate well???? not exactly the food shop it is the crowds { there always seems to be someone having a conversation with someone right in front of something i am wanting , is it just me that this happens too ? }
Rant over .....

Take Care
Elaine H X

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
A lovely page, Rachel is a very pretty girl, I can see the family likeness.
With regards to the robot thing, I have a google account but I have over the past few days started getting the annoying numbers on your blog and Sue Wilson's, no idea why.

val jones said...

Lovely scrapbook page Christine.
Thanks Mrs B, I do have trouble reading some of the small numbers.
Love Val in Spain x

marg said...

Hello Christine
I love the Kraft card it makes the images stand out.
Such a pretty girl and love the white flowers.
The Robot is there even though I have a Google account!
Take care
Love Marg

SusanP, Kent said...

Beautiful layout Christine. Kraft papers with white look vey stylish.
I don't have (nor do I wish to have) a Google/Blogger account however easy to set up. Apart from being able to bypass this CAPTCHA thing I see no advantage to me only the 'marketing men'. Yet another means to collect information about us in order ply their wares. Cynical? Moi?

Stamping Bubbles said...

Hi Christine
Lovely scrapbook layout. Your niece is beautiful.
I was wondering why that number thing keeps popping up so thanks for explaining.
As for Christmas shopping, I have bought virtually all my gifts now just a couple of last minute ones to make and complete. Like Nattyboots I also hate food shopping at this time of year and tend now to most of mine on line. Much easier and you can do it in your Pjs!
Take care

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, This is a gorgeous layout, and as always, your Niece is very pretty and definitely photogenic.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

hazel young said...

Lovely layout and niece Christine xx hazel

Carole Z said...

Lovely layout Christine, I've seen lots of the robot boxes on blogs lately, though some have disappeared again now :) hugs Carole Z xx

Lesley Thomas said...

Nice page Christine, and I thought I'd try out your info. I do have a Google account, so here goes.

Lesley Thomas said...

It works if you send as your Google account, which is my own name, not my URL name, which is Lacelady.

Lesley Thomas said...

It works if you send as your Google account, which is my own name, not my URL name, which is Lacelady.

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