Thursday, 15 May 2014

Captivating Box Frame

Hello friends

Thank you for all the comments yesterday, really interesting to read your 
favourite dies.  Still time to enter the giveaway....

Today sharing with you a project that has just appeared on the 
Spellbinders Idea Gallery.
I've used the Square Petal Top Box to create the base of the box frame,
I then cut off the flaps and overlaid on the top Captivating Squares and Classic Squares LG.
Inside is further Captivating Squares die cuts and the lovely Bitty Blossoms
(that die cropped up as a definite favourite yesterday).
For further details on this project please visit the Spellbinders website -
all the details are here.

Still having a lovely time at the seaside...
we visited Paignton - love the pastel coloured houses.
 And the blue sea and sky!
Today we are venturing to a rare breeds farm - if we arrive by 10am we get to 
cuddle piglets!  Not so sure they are rare but should prove interesting....
Take care friends and back tomorrow...
oh yes I couldn't miss FDD!


Sandra said...

Good morning Christine, Elliott and Mitchell,
I am so glad you are having a lovely time, Paignton is an adorable little town, as is Brixham, you can go across by ferry ( can be a bit choppy though) if you do go look out for Sammy the Seal that 'hangs out' in the harbour and has become very friendly!
Today's crafty gift is just fabulous, you really do " think outside of the box"
Looking forward to FDD,
hugs and enjoy the rest of your break!
Sandra xx

Stamping Bubbles said...

Hi Christine, great little box today.
I hope you enjoy the farm and the promised sunshine.

Mrs B said...

Hi Christine. Love the box and flower. There are some great projects on the Spellbinders Idea Gallery aren't there. So glad that you are getting some sunshine,it makes any holiday that bit better doesn't it: ) Enjoy the piggy cuddles. Take care.

Wendy L said...

Great pics and look forward to seeing tomorrows with the piglets!!!!

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, thanks for sharing your holiday pics, I love reading about it...when I was a child we spent many a happy holiday in Torquay, but I haven't been there in a while. I love your box frame..beautiful! Hugs Carole Z X

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine,
Lovely box today,the flower is really pretty.
Really pleased you are having a great time and the weather is being kind,I hope you get to see the piglets,but is it a little early for the boys?.
Looking forward to FDD. Take care. x.

val jones said...

Hi Christine. What lovely photos and I´m glad to see the sun is shining.
Give those little piggies a cuddle from me.
Love Val in Spain x

nattyboots said...

Hi Christine ,

Such a lovely shade of blue you chose for your box very much like the sea in your picture it looks so calming ,i need to make a box for next Month so i will have a go at your idea as i think it just gorgeous.
Paignton is a place i have never visited it does look very pretty .
Enjoy your day at the farm .

Take Care
Elaine H X

Chris said...

Lovely Pictures Christine, enjoy the piglets and other rare breeds, look forward to seeing those photos. Enjoy yourselves.
Chris xx

Laura O said...

enjoy the farm,to be great weather too .Laura O

marg said...

Hello Christine
Glad the weather is good for you!
Enjoy today!
Take care
Love Marg

Jean Z said...

Hi Christine, love the box so different , enjoy you visit you will love the farm . love Jean Z xxx

Janice said...

Hi Christine
How lovely is your box frame today, you are soooo clever and come up with fantastic ideas, thank you!
Lovely holiday photos again, I think there could well be some scrapbooking happening in your craft room!
Continue to enjoy.
Janice x

Maggie Phillips said...

Hi Christine. I love today's project ~ it's beautiful and so unusual.What a super break the 3 of you are having ~ enjoy the piglet cuddling! Hugs,
Maggie x

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
Pleased to hear the weather is good, we have lovely sunshine as well.
I love Paignton, we used to visit when our girls were small, not been for years, seeing the pictures brings back happy memories.
Love you box frame, very stylish.

Lacelady said...

Morning Christine, I hope you are still enjoying yourself, and not slaving away making cards for us to see. I'm hoping that you made this card in advance - love that you used bitty blossoms, how on earth will Elliott sort us out?

Cuddling piglets sounds right up my street, I once had a caravan holiday on a pig farm and it was great seeing the new families each day.

Layerlass67 said...

Morning Christine, Elliott and Mitchell. So glad you are enjoying your break in Devon. We had many happy holidays in the West Country when the boys were young. A beautiful area. Hope the weather keeps fine for you and you enjoy your visit to the farm today. Hugs. GemmaC xx

Cornish Emma said...

Morning Christine, gorgeous box frame, love the colours and of course the bitty blossom just finishes it. Enjoy your day out to the farm. Hugs Emma x

Alma said...

Hi Christine, Loving the box frame and glad to see your having a fabulous time in Devon - looks gorgeous! Please put me in for a chance to win the lovely leaf dies (i have flower dies but no leaves, so would be fantastic to win), hope i haven't left it too late. Enjoy the rest of your holiday xxx

Maggie said...

Hello. What a pretty frame and the bitty blossoms work so beautifully inside. Have fun on the farm, no bringing home a piglet - Bella wouldn't like it! xxMargaretxx

ElizabethS said...

Hi Christine, thanks for posting all your pics they are wonderful. My Uncle lived in Paington and I remember visiting as a child.
What a lovely frame, so delicate, I love the colours.
Hope you got chance to cuddle the piglets...
Elizabeth x

hazel young said...

Stunning box and photos glad the weather is being kind xx hazel

SusanP, Kent said...

Love this project. Such a clever use for the dies - reminds me that I should do more thinking 'out of the box' so to speak! Lovely pics and I agree that the pastel houses look very attractive. BBC weather man was presenting from Gravesend this morning and explaining why Gravesend sometimes achieves record temperatures. Interesting!

Jacquie said...

Hi Christine,

This is beautiful.

Devon is a lovely place and I love the different coloured houses too, my Daughter live up the road in Cornwall which is equally stunning.

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

Craftychris said...

Gorgeous card! I am glad you are enjoying your holiday, the photos are fabulous! I love the painted houses. xx

Ita O'Byrne O'Keeffe said...

Hi Christine stunning project ,but I can not see how you made this, is it a box you bought??

baconbits said...

Evening Christine
Awesome creation today, love the colour its my favourite.
Hope you enjoyed the farm, jealous as I love piglets.
Amanda x

Elaine said...

Gorgeous project Christine. Photos are fab x

Carolyn H said...

Lovely box Christine.
Guess the weather was arranged for you too this week. So pleased you are all enjoying your holiday. Brings back happy memories all the places your visiting. Just love it down there.
Hope you got to cuddle the piglets, we use to have pigs on the farm, I adored the littleones, they are very cuddly (when not wrigling about!!)
Love to all Carolyn.

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Christine, So glad you are all enjoying the break away. The piccies look fabulous, especially the views, really beautiful.
I'm loving your gift box, it is really beautiful.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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