Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Some Studio Pics!

Hello dear friends,
Yesterday morning at 7am(!) I took my camera along to the studio, 
hence why the street is deserted!  My studio is in this lovely line of shops and offices.
 A couple of doors along is this gorgeous wedding/celebration cake shop.
Here is the entrance - Longferry House - has quite a nice ring to it I think!
And here are a few sneak peeks of what's going on.
I've been purchasing quite a few of these units...

A place to display the cards and tags that my lovely follower friends send to me. 
I purchased this little shelf for £2 in a charity shop, perfect for housing all the little misting bottles etc.
Beginning to fill up the paper trays...
A view of my workdesk.. apologies terrible lighting in my photo, the sunlight is lovely but blinds are 
due to be fitted very soon!
It's still a work in progress - various wall decals are going up, the bunting and butterflies of course.
Lots more crafty items still need to be transferred from home, but I really want to share with you 
how things are going so far.  Also my lovely Mum and Dad are driving all the way to Reading 
on Friday (while I'm in work) to collect a table for me.
I wanted two big pine tables together to create a big square workplace for my classes.  
I already had one but found its matching partner on eBay!   
It's only a 170 mile round trip but so worth it!!
Thanks for stopping by and big thanks to those that email and keep in touch too.
Take care.


baconbits said...

Morning, wow your studio is really taking shape. Iam only sorry that i live too far away.
Will keep stoping by to check on progress.
Amanda x

melanie said...

Looks stunning so far ,My G.C was picked up on Monday so I hope it will be back soon,I am strugling without it Thanks for your help .Melanie

Carole Z said...

Oh Christine, your studio looks so wonderful, I am loving looking at the way it is taking shape! crafty hugs, Carole Z X

Kim said...

Hi Christine
Well you've been a busy bee, it's looking really good. Keep the photos coming I love to see how it's shaping up.

Kim x

Elizabeth said...

Good morning Christine, thank you for sharing these lovely pics of your studio and how things are shaping up. What wonderful and exciting times it is, so pleased for you.
Take care
Elizabeth x

nattyboots said...

WOW! you dont hang about do you Christine? and your doing such a fabulous job , i just love a bargain and you did well with yours ,its just made to fit your little bottles etc please keep the pics coming .

Take Care

Elaine H X

Bea said...

Hi Christine - looks great - you must be feeling quite a sense of achievement as it omes together - love the little windows

lestim said...

Hi Christine,
I am so envious of you to have such a wonderful space to work in. I can't wait for you to start some workshops so I can come along and see it in the flesh. Best wishes, Lesley x

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
What a fantastic job you have done so far, looking good.
Bet you are excited and nervous at the same time.
Keep us all updated on the progress.
So pleased for you.

Lucycat said...

Hi Christine, Your studio looks great, coming along so quickly,what a lovely place to work. The photo's are so nice please keep them comming. x.

Oksana said...

Morning Christine, cannot believe how much it has changed already! Looks wonderful!x

Chloe's Nan said...

It's looking good Christine, wish I lived nearer so that I could attend some of the upcoming classes! x

Sue Yorkshire said...

Christine your workshop is really beginning to take shape.

Wish I lived nearer so I could join your classes

The cake shop looks lovely you might get orders for wedding stationery!!

Sue xx

Sarah Hurley said...

how exciting! can't wait to see more - it's look fabulous :o)

Sarah x

loftylass said...

It's looking good Christine - everything is moving along at a great pace. A dream come true for you. I so wish I lived nearer so I could join your classes.

hazel said...

Its looking good Christine, well done on your project so far xx hazel

AnneRD said...

Hi Christine. Its great to see the pics of your studio taking shape. Will definitely have to visit when you get your classes started. Perhaps there will be the opportunity for 2-day workshops for those of us who live so far away. Anne x

Susan Flynn said...

Wow its looking amazing Christine and what a perfect setting for your studio it looks a lovely street x

Redanne said...

Hi Christine, I love seeing how your studio is progressing, it is going to be amazing and I am so happy for you! What a beautiful setting it is in too, that wedding shop looks fantastic too and your entrance is very posh.......lovely. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Planetsusie said...

Hi Christine - I love how your studio is taking shape. You must be working so hard to get it just right. The location is just perfect - a cake shop and a great pub nearby - what more could you ask.

Looking forward to more pics.

Hugs Sue P xx

PS You have a keen eye for a bargain!!

Kate or Kieran! said...

Looking great Christine! So excited for you xxx

Beth Pingry said...

Ink me green with envy, Christine! That looks fabulous!

Susan.... said...

Hi Christine,
Its all starting to come together,its really exciting ! Thanks for letting us all be apart of the venture and sharing the pics..looking forward to the next update !
Susan x

Theresa Momber said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Theresa Momber said...

What a great space, Christine! It looks beautiful.

Teresa said...

How exciting and how beautiful this is going to be for you and all those coming to your shop! Couldn't be more happier for you on this new adventure :) Lots of Hugs!! and Congrats...

scottish crafter said...

Hi Christine, thanks for keeping us up- to-date with the progress on your studio, it is really taking shape now. Wish I was closer to visit and take part in a workshop but unfortunately many miles separate us. One day maybe.


Sue B said...

Hi Christine, It's all beginning to look rather like a studio to me,how wondeful, it will be fabulous to have such a lovely working space so light & airy. How good are your mum & dad but bet they are really pleased to be helping you with your new venture.
That was a good bit of planning I reckon so near to a wedding cake shop, I see wedding stationery & wedding cards looming on the horizon. Good luck with it all wish it was mine !!!
Sue B

Gloria Stengel said...

Oh my darling, Christine! I am beyond happy for you! I cannot wait to see it all finished! Are you going to work in the studio full time? Now that you are an international TV star?! {wink} I am giddy with happiness for you!!!!!

Clai01 said...

Thanks for showing us the progress of your studio, it looks fantastic so far!

Craftychris said...

Its looking wonderful so far! The street is so quaint and gorgeous! xx

Sarah said...

Looking good...hope the cake shop doesn't prove too tempting!!

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

Hello dear lady,
What a busy family you've been. Like Gloria, I am feeling the happiness too as you have kindly taken us along on your exciting venture. It's been a big step with lots of work but I think now, as each piece is put into place, you must feel pure delight. That is probably why your parents want to help, just for the pleasure of seeing their daughter filled with enthusiasm and happiness. I wish you every success; enjoy every single minute.
Best wishes Linda x

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,
What a splendid job you are making of the studio. Seeing pics of the progress your making is as exciting as looking on the blog each day to see your projects. Are you able to tell me where I can get some of the paper wracks/trays like yours from? Would love some for my 12 x 12's. B.W. Carolyn x

✿LemonBella✿ said...

Hi Christine, your studio looks amazing:)
Best wishes,

Ali W said...

What a beautiful part of the world you live in, it looks so lovely. Don't know how I missed seeing these wonderful photos yesterday, my iPad is slow and doesn't always display photos quickly! I think I need to update the software on it, oh well another techi job for my son when he gets round to it (you wouldn't think he's in IT!) I must say, your crafty place is really taking shape, how exciting for you and your family. I wish you good luck in your new venture. Take care Alison :)

Lucy said...

The new place looks so inviting! Too bad I live in the USA's Pacific NW (that's up above California) or I'd be at the door when you opened up. The light is so nice inside. What a perfect place to browse or sit and create. I'm envious of those who live close enough to drop in.

nmty said...

Hi Christine

the studio looks lovely, really bright and airy. I bet you will have a great time working in there. can't wait to see the photos when it is finished.

Parents can be a great help can't they?

lv norma

Sarah said...

Your studio looks wonderful so far Christine and is really taking shape. Also the street it's in is amazing. I love the little shelf from the Charity Shop I love bargain finds. I would absolutely adore a space like this you're so lucky!

Sarah x

LisaK said...

It's looking really good Christine. Lovely and bright!

Sandi said...

I am so happy for you to have your own shop. Organization is the key and you are doing a fabulous job. Love the street and the shops.GBY!
Sandi K

Lisa said...

Congrats on the new studio Christine! I've been a bit quiet due to the ME but also trying to craft as I was a very lucky lady and won a draw that Sue Wilson does everytime she reaches another 100 followers on her blog!!! I was dumbstruck and now I find you are having a studio... I'll have to ask Mr Wonderful if I can come for a class or two;)
lots of love
Lisa xx

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